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I remember the case of the F16 mechanics that reversed some part on the wing flaps or something...that was a known issue that big AF failed to deal with effectively...basically both mechanics were being court-martialed for it and one ended up taking his own life.
F-16 is fly-by-wire, so there's nothing you can really reverse on an F-16 flaperon (aileron/flap). You connect the servo-actuator to a cannon plug and hydraulic lines. The return and supply hyd lines are different sizes, so they can't be accidentally reversed.

30 May 1995: F-15C-26-MC, 79‑0068, c/n 0616/C137, of the 53rd FS, 52nd FW, USAF, Major Donald Lowry was killed when his F-15C crashed at Spangdahlem AFB in Germany. Investigation showed that during routine maintenance, mechanics had crossed and mis-connected the control rods. Two mechanics were charged with negligent homicide. One took his own life during his military trial. After the amazing revelation that over-zealous prosecution had cost another life, the charges against the other mechanic were dropped