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I'm having too much fun expressing part opinion/part trolling to get Meatbringer riled up. This forum is nothing but entertainment for me, that's it. I sleep soundly at night, but I think Meatbringer spends his time at his desk crafting his long-winded, emotionally based rebuttals while guzzling Rip-It energy drinks. Meanwhile, on his hot flightline HIS troops are asking, "Where's Capt Meat-B at? I haven't seen him on the flightline in over a week." One guy responded, "I saw him outside of his 10x10 last night. Said he couldn't sleep because someone was bothering him on the internet, and on top of that he was passed over for this AMMOS course for the 5th time. Poor Meat-B. He was hoping to make his call-sign official by attending this class"
Jesus Christ on Crutches! I'm dying!!! Surely, MeatFlinger has a comeback for this!