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Thread: Meet the Fort Meade trans women fighting the military’s ban

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    Quote Originally Posted by meatbringer View Post
    As I previously stated, I think religious people are mentally unstable - believing in a magical sky man who controls everything, despite zero evidence and logic to support it? Mental disorder. Delusional.
    THIS is why debating with you a useless. You're a classic hypocrite. HOW do you know each individual on this Earth has zero evidence or logic to support their own belief in a God...any God. YOU have already decided that believing in a God is a "mental disorder" and that they're "delusional'" all because of YOUR personal beliefs.

    I think it's more appropriate to label those delusional who actually BELIEVE that by chance, and chance alone that a human being can be created with a sperm and egg, then mature to the point where it can figure out how to fly to a moon or live on a space station. Science and God/Spirituality aren't mutually exclusive, unless you talk to the Meatbringer's of the world.

    By the way, the absence of understanding and scientific evidence (by TODAY'S knowledge/standards of measurement) isn't conclusive of anything. If time travel was possible, try going back and explaining to George Washington, or better yet, ANY scientist on 1780's Earth how an iPhone will work (electricity, internet, phone, apps, etc). They'd confidently label you as having a "mental disorder" and being "delusional." The bottom line is that there are plenty of events and experiences in this world that the smartest scientists admittedly have zero understanding or explanation of.

    Listen, this isn't a debate on God, but rather a perfect example of "I'm right, your wrong because of my limited beliefs."

    Here's a book for you. It's about "delusional" people:
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