View Full Version : Top enlisted adviser Troxell suspended, under investigation for alleged misconduct

Bos Mutus
10-29-2018, 06:51 PM
Senior Enlisted Advisor to the CJCS. Pretty much the highest enlisted person in the U.S. Military.

Army Command Sgt. Maj. John Wayne Troxell, the top enlisted adviser to Chairman of the Joint Chiefs Gen. Joseph Dunford, has been suspended from his position following allegations of misconduct, the Pentagon announced Thursday. Troxell is the subject of a complaint now under investigation by the Army inspector general, the Joint Staff confirmed in a statement. Troxell has been removed from his duties and did not accompany Dunford to a trip to Europe, a U.S. official said on the condition of not being named.


10-30-2018, 06:04 PM
In reading the comments on the article, he definitely has the support of the troops; but in this PC world it doesn't take much to bring a person down.