View Full Version : Should a law exist if it's never enforced??

12-07-2017, 03:52 AM
The recent CA forest fires (yet a bloody gain), reminded me of a case iirc 2 yrs back where during another spate of fires, they found one of them was started by an illegal invader who SET IT cause the dumb shit got lost in the woods, crossing back into the US after supposedly being deported.
Now we KNOW from the time, he got arrested 'on charges of arson', BUT NEVER whether he actually went to court, pled out, or anything else.
And it reminded me of other things similarly where someone gets done for breaking a law, but NOTHING's ever heard about it afterwards.
Such as here in ohio (and a few other states iirc) if you drive through flooded streets even AFTER cops have put up those bollards to warn you off, and your dumb ass gets stuck cause the Car gets flooded out, YOu will be billed for the rescue.
Now since that law got passed, there's been Several instances after a heavy rain, where we see on the news people DOING JUST THAT< driving past the barrier cops set up, getting stranded and cops coming to rescue them. BUT NEVER WHETHER THEY GOT FINED In accordance with that law..

SO it makes me wonder. WHY HAVE a law get passed, if you are never going to enforce it??