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Since the film clip mentions the Marines, I put this in the Marine's lineup, although any of the services would have worked.

By 2023, the US Army should be fielding it's laser weapons for defensive and offensive use..

The Air Force is already using lasers in the target acquisition mode, but lasers will be used on a far wider scale, able to shoot down aircraft, missiles, and so on.

The US Navy has a prototype laser on one of it's ships, the USS Ponce, for use against small boats, drones, and light aircraft.

The USMC may soon field lasers that can put down drones/UAVs.

The US Air Force is working to develop offensive lasers for the AC130 gunships, also.

Some of the lasers are expected to be tested for usage on USAF fighter jet, in 2020, as both offensive and defensive weapons.

Lasers have been tested for cost effectiveness, and the lasers are far cheaper to use than conventional weapons. The durability/ruggedness of the lasers being tested is superb.


Film clip:


03-01-2016, 12:21 PM
The Marine Corps Warfighting Lab at Quantico was doing some really neat things with emerging tech back in 1996-8 when I was a bit involved with some testing of concepts etc.

My last interaction was in 2002, and yes ... still neat stuff. I can only imagine what 14 years has allowed them to do.

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Hmmm. I wonder if those lasers will clean up those nasty yellow waxy buildups that bother me so much?

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Hmmm. I wonder if those lasers will clean up those nasty yellow waxy buildups that bother me so much?

yet another benefit of carrying the S&W 642 .38 snub nose, is that it fits perfectly into the ear canal.

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Thank you for your very thoughtful input, RM!