View Full Version : Well, at least it's not crystal meth

02-03-2016, 03:42 PM
Not being the stuff that Hitler and his madcap Nazis were on, crystal meth. Methedrine. Crank.

But the jihadist love the amphetamine/theophylline mix. From what I heard, while watching a documentary about the Marines in Iraq, that the terrorists/jihadi were on so much speed that they would continue to fight on, after they received head wounds that left part of their brains hanging out.

Captagon! Leaves people feeling pretty much invincible, fearless, and painfree!


I remember a spoof from Saturday Night Live, where Jane Curtin was sitting at a breakfast table, with a cereal bowl, chockful of what she called Speedios. I wonder if the jihadists get amplified boxes of Lucky Charms, with magically delicious marshmallows being replaced with lashes and lashes of captagon?

Oh my. From something that y'all might remember, 'The ISIS wheels go 'round and 'round'! In the Isis Fighter's heads, anyway, powered by captagon!

Oh, that is the bus's wheels that go 'round. But to a jihadist, my rhyme seems to fit.

It's a good thing that I take nuvigil, instead. It's levo sided twin is named provigil, which is used by special forces. At least it isn't an amphetamine.

We will all see which side wins. Ours, on provigil, or theirs, on captagon.