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01-23-2016, 10:17 PM
So, there I am watching this fascinating old west type movie, with a bunch of lizards and other animals being the stars of the show. My wife sits down, and watches a bit of the movie, and mumbles something about the good guys riding around on the backs of some ostriches.

I was kind of put off by that. I said something about how as to they were roadrunners, not ostriches.

To which she came back with, "A chameleon is the sheriff, and you are making a big deal about their horses actually being roadrunners, and not ostriches?"

OK, she might have a point.

On the other hand, I did dvr the movie. Rango. Yep, I will watch it, again, at my leisure. Without Angie poking her nose into my bidness. Just so I can really get into watching Sheriff Rango settle the range war over water rights. :)