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Bos Mutus
12-08-2015, 11:23 PM
This is old, but I found it kind of interesting...

Daniel P. Moloney

Copyright (c) 2000 First Things 100 (February 2000): 45-51. (http://www.leaderu.com/ssi-hf/ftcopyright.html)

At Minot Air Force base in Minot, North Dakota, a wife kisses her
husband goodbye, knowing that he will be spending the night alone in
close quarters with a fit, talented, professional woman officer. He will
dress next to her, sleep where she slept, smell how she smells.
Although their job can sometimes be tense, for the most part it is
boring, and so they talk. Over several days each week, month after
month, they’ve built up a relationship that it would be fair to call
friendly. He is a devoted husband, yet he is a man, and weak as all men
are weak. So as his wife kisses him goodbye, she worries, not that his
hands will wander, but that his heart might, just a little bit. She
wants to trust him, but it can be hard, and she fears she’s growing
jealous, against her will, of that colleague of her husband. She knows
she is supposed to think of her as just another officer in the armed
forces, but when she looks she sees, and fears her husband sees, another