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11-08-2015, 03:19 PM
I found this article in the Marine Corps Times, but it has to do with an Army vet, his dog, and the final roll call for the vet, as it were. Please read through, to the last line.

This article may also be found in the Air Force Times, Navy Times, and Army Times:


I know. I shouldn't be affected after reading an article, but hey, I am human. The last line got to me.

11-08-2015, 03:40 PM
I have a friend here, who did his time over there in a combat zone. The vehicle that he was driving fell prey to an IED. Lots of blood and death all around him, and he began to have flashbacks and dreams.

He has been declared 100% by the VA. By buddying up with him, along with other Marines doing the same, he has come some ways towards recovery, but no way is he 100% better.

He takes medications. He goes to group therapy, which both, probably is to account for most of his recovery. Hanging out with other Marines that suffer PTSD also, I do believe, is helping him, too, in a small way.

He got a puppy. Not a trained dog, to be sure. It is a Presa Canario. The dog likes his owners small bunch of friends. About two years old now, he is certainly big enough to let us know if he doesn't like us, anyway.

Mark and Buster are inseparable. Maybe a trained dog would be better, though to see Mark and how far he has come since getting Buster, in this case, I am not sure that getting any other dog could have done better.