View Full Version : Oregon to give kids as young as 15 sex change ops on Medicare..

07-12-2015, 07:10 AM
Saw this earlier on Fox and was flabbergasted..




Its NOT just the whole "Tax payers footing the bill" for these ops (Via medicare) that concerns me. Its the whole fact that it can be done without even NOTIFYING the parents let alone getting their consent.

Since by law parents are liable for all medical issues with kids, and need to sign off on anything they get medically, HOW in gods green earth is this legal?
If its cause to the Oregon law makers, 15 yr olds are now adult enough to 'consent on their own without needing parental permission', does that then mean they are 'adult enough' to consent to other stuff? Like voting, buying tobacco/alcohol products? Will an adult who has sex with one of these 15-16 yr olds no longer be charged with Statutory rape??