View Full Version : Woman to become Firefighter despite failing fitness test 6 times.. all for diversity.

05-08-2015, 06:35 PM
Is it me, or is this just stupid in the extreme. A woman who took the firefighter's test (the physical side) and failed to even complete it 5 straight times and the 6th that she DID complete it, she still failed by being 4+ minutes over the time is now being "Passed" anyway, cause the Chief of Fire Fighters in NY wants more women on the Fire dept.

All i know, is if i was a family member of a victim who died cause someone who was UNQUALIFIED but still on the job, caused the death of my loved one by not being properly able to do their job, i would sue the heck out of both the fire dept's chief, the female fire fighter AND the liberal lawyers pushing for more 'diversity' at the expense of lowering standards just to GET That diversity.