View Full Version : CA DMV gets flooded with half a million illegals cause of CB-60.

04-08-2015, 06:31 PM
Cause of Obama's executive action on illegal immigration, CA's DMV is getting set to be flooded with an estimated half a million new license applications from all the Illegals now in state. Also cause of the push by illegals in that state to be "Protected against getting their info sent to border agents/INS they passed AB-60, which in effect tells the DMV they cannot share any info they get on illegals with INS or other agencies.

A) Do you feel its right that ANY state gives out drivers licenses to illegals?
B) Do you feel this in any way makes our roads safer?
C) Do you feel that CA was right in passing the AB-60 law, when in essence that is telling one state office they are not to follow the law in providing info to other state or federal offices on the status/name/whereabouts of illegals?
D) Do you feel that if another state said "We will no longer accept California Drivers licenses as proper ID cause of it, they would be right in doing so?

Note, some of these articles are from earlier this year or late last, as that is all i am finding right now..