View Full Version : This subscription BS

12-31-2014, 06:51 AM
Not really a rant about the forum, I hardly come here. But how do they justify forced subscriptions when almost every story you click on can be found for free somewhere else without a subscription. I mean dang I pay roughly 50 dollars a month for internet and I'm still being nickled and dimed by this site. Next thing they will charge you for being a part of the forum (oh crap that just gave them the idea SORRY). It's almost as bad as the ESPN insider crap, who wants to pay extra for sports stories that don't freaking matter to your daily life.

I really don't care that some commander in Germany was sacked....but I wanted to read the story anyways, however I hit the pay wall....so I found it on Stars and Stripes instead. Every story on here is basically a rehash of stories from other sites only you want to charge for them. Good luck with that.