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07-18-2014, 11:11 PM
I got an e-mail from the Iraq & Afghanistan Veterans association (I'm a member*) and thought I'd share. It's not quite "In the News," but it should be:

Dear Christopher,

Last week, Clay Hunt's mom bravely shared her story with the world of losing her son.

She courageously testified in front of Congress about how the VA failed Clay after coming home from war. And she also showed that she's determined to fight on in Clay's memory. She told her story to Congress, to the media and together with IAVA members from across America, Susan introduced a historic suicide prevention bill to support millions of veterans nationwide.

Stand with Clay's Mom. http://iava.org/suicideprevention (By signing the petition.)

It's called, "The Clay Hunt Suicide Prevention for American Veterans Act," or simply the "Clay Hunt SAV Act." (H.R. 5059). This bi-partisan bill will increase access to mental health care, boost capacity to meet mental health care demand, improve the quality of care for troops and veterans, provide seamless care from the Department of Defense to VA and develop community support for veterans nationwide.

And it will save countless lives.

Make sure to watch this moving clip of Susan courageously talking about her experience on CNN. (clip can be seen here: http://iava.org/suicideprevention)

And here's where you come in. Susan can't win this fight on her own. She needs all Americans to have her back. Especially everyone in the IAVA community.

Stand with Clay's mom and IAVA to combat veteran suicide now. Sign up to support the Clay Hunt SAV Act. Share this email with your friends and family and ask them to do the same.

It's quick and it's easy. And it will show that we stand up for our own. Too many of our friends are dying. And it has to stop now. Don't just get mad, get involved.

Do it for Clay. Do it for the 22 veterans that we lose every day to suicide.

And do it for Susan.

Together, we can change history.


Paul Rieckhoff
Iraq veteran
Founder and CEO
Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America (IAVA)

There is a petition on the site linked above.

The e-mail didn't copy/paste correctly, so I had to add the links. The e-mail and the site linked above says it all.

*I mentioned at the beginning of this message that I’m a member of IAVA in case someone that may not have heard of the organization won’t think the e-mail I received was spam and or a scam. I’m also not pushing any agenda.

07-19-2014, 12:09 PM
At the local university where I'm registered as a student, we've had two veterans of OEF/OIF commit suicide by self-inflicted gunshot wound. The one young man's family started a scholarship in his name.

I think it's unconscionable for the medical community in charge of the young men's care to not extend all reasonable efforts for a more desirable outcome.

"'Given that the DoD and VA are responsible for serving millions of service members, families and veterans, we found it surprising that no PTSD outcome measures are used consistently to know if these treatments are working or not,' committee chair Sandro Galea, professor and chair of the department of epidemiology, Mailman School of Public Health, Columbia University, said in an institute news release."


From what I've read, IAVA are doing great things for veterans.