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05-20-2014, 11:05 PM
Been a while since I've been on the board, focusing more on school than anything else. Classes are done for the year so I felt it would be a good time to get on here and update everyone on the clusterf#$& that is my situation.

So, I'm in Korea, been here since March 2013, and have been held here because of the MEB that they started on me for my ankle issues. Was notified just recently that I am going to be medically retired (TDRL) because of my ankles and because of a lingering shoulder issue that has not stablized.

I do believe that I stated already that the PT fail that was used to demote me back in April 2012 has been changed to a pass. So the package is up at the AFBCMR to have my demotion overturned, EPRs removed, backpay, and non-competative promotion to TSgt (swung for the fences since that action effectively robbed me of my last ability to make that stripe with how the situation has developed). I did make SSgt again through WAPS testing, but once I was put on TDRL, my promotion eligibility changed 15 days before I was supposed to sew on and now I'm not getting the stripe.

So in about 2 1/2 months I will separate and move on with my life. Although my time in the AF has many good memories, the last 4 years have tested me to my breaking point and then some. Even if the MEB was not separating me, I would not have re-enlisted. Many people have been talking about that letter the guy sent in about why he wasn't re-enlisting and while he made alot of really good points, I want to throw my two cents in based on my experience over the past 4 years. Simply put, we have rule and regulations in place that make it very easy to burn our people and rules and regulations that make doing the right thing for our people impossible.

I also sympathize with the guy when it comes to his marriage. My wife has stuck by me throughout this entire situation, and there are many times I thought she had every reason to walk. However it became more apparent just how little our familys truly mean to our leadership. Since I've been in Korea, my wife has never once been contacted by my former command for welfare checks, she has been turned away at give parents a break. Now, because of the retirement, she will be on her own to pack up the house and figure out how to relocate the vehicles and the kids because the Air Force will not pay for a plane ticket back there because it will not be my Home of Selection. I'm basically being told that I just have to accept things as is because I'm retiring, but I'm not out yet, and I feel like they have already wiped their hands of me before I've even set foot outside the door.

05-21-2014, 01:22 AM
I am sorry to hear of what has happened. You might want to write your Congressperson about what's going on. Sure doesn't seem right and there's nothing to lose. Not that it is any help to you, but that stuff didn't seem to happen in my old Adult Air Force (AAF). One way or another, people were taken care of.

Malarky like this is why I can no longer in good faith recommend anyone join the military. There is simply no reason for anyone who has ANY other options to join an organization that uses people up, spits them out, and could care less in the bargain.

05-21-2014, 02:57 AM
Sorry to hear you and your family have been going through this ordeal. Now is the time for so-called leadership to step in and at least provide moral support. You've undoubtedly earned it.

As for your former unit leadership not contacting your wife, sadly it doesn't surprise me. If deployed and not assigned to another unit, leadership would play CYA and contact your wife on a regular basis. Living in the same house alone, but husband is on a Short tour and assigned to another unit? Not so much. "We know in the back of our minds that your wife is enduring a separation much longer than a deployment, but we'll pass on the check-ups because you're not technically assigned to our unit." Pathetic

05-21-2014, 03:20 AM
I will say my leadership here has jumped through all kinds of hoops and are still doing whatever they can to help me. They are not the problem at all, it's all the AFIs and regulations that we have that conflict with each other and make it a nightmare to get a simple thing done to ensure the member is taken care of.

There should be simple solutions to complex situations. For example, because my demotion from 2012 was started on the basis of the PT fail, it should be as simple as a commander at the appropriate level directing MPS/Finance and any other agencies to reverse the demotion outright once the fail was reversed, and then allowing me to test out of cycle for the promotion cycles I have missed out on. But the AFI makes that impossible and you have no choice but to go through the AFBCMR to get issues like this corrected, and that process takes up to 10 months per package, and they get hundreds of packages a week. Each base has a demotion/promotion authority and they should have the power to direct these actions.

What happened to the days where a chief or a commander could make a phone call and get someone home within a week. I know that I'm being separated, but seriously, I am serving no purpose here and I am taking up a manning slot that could be filled by someone that is 100%