View Full Version : Will the VA office talk to you about disability %'s before you decide on TERA?

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First depending on where you retire the VA could process a disability claim in a few months or a few years. I did start my application 6 months prior to retirement and received my rating & payment one month after retirement here in SD. I had all my $hit together and had a detailed claim form & all my records sent in. I went with the DAV for my representative at the VA boards.
Now, having said that your county VSO may give you his "best guess" on what your rating "might be", as will your representative service organization. I used the quotes as this is not a requirement by either function and some may not do this since it could result in misunderstandings and later complaints if the VA rating is lower than their "guess".
There are a few claimable issues, such as Sleep Apnea that have a set disability rating, but most are based upon your compensation & pension examination.

You can come up with an estimate, but there is no guarantee that number will be same as the VA's.