View Full Version : US Military Libertarian Experiences

11-12-2013, 04:12 AM
Hi, evidently my political leanings are of a significant degree of importance, thus I am creating a thread based on such leanings so we can share our backgrounds and feel that we have achieved something by stating that we are in fact people, who have served in the military, and as such, are deserved of some form of respect outside of what are the individual opinions we offer. For reference, I am still active duty, squid if it's important, and have been so, more or less since 1997. Now those who engage in a similar political philosophy, let us engage in a whole slew of narcissistic political self-aggrandizement, and ignore the fact that we appear as, in all practical things, a completely self-important jackass in doing such, because I hold more value in trying to develop a community of individuals who share my opinion somewhat, rather than expressing a substantive opinion that can be backed up with actual substantive material..:sleeping2: