View Full Version : Remember the A76 and Command Leveling that took place 1999-2000 at AETC bases?

11-09-2013, 05:48 PM
Whatever became of that? I was a Services troop stationed there 1996-2007 and there was an announcement of it early 1999. So that year, some unlucky bastards in our squadron were transferred to Little Rock and Altus. I delayed on buying a house, but finally did so as an act of faith in 2001. By the time I deployed to Afghanistan in early 2006 for a whole year, we were down to maybe 20 military.

I was never sure what the outcome was or the purpose. Seems the whole military is contracted out left and right to let contractors do all the work and the military are either in some kind of "leadership" position or just sit at their desk all day

Salty Old Dog
11-26-2013, 12:38 PM
The A-76 process was designed to replace military members (who could then serve better in deployable posts elsewhere) and civil servants (who, we know, are the bane of government employment, and responsible for the perpetual overspending that will NEVER be placed on politicians or general officers!), with lower cost contractors.

In reality, what happened was that large corporations typically underbid the contracts, forcing out the civil servants (generational memory), replacing them with underskilled workers from outside the gate, and making a mint in contract add-ons a year or two down the road, because they knew that the government can't write a contract worth a damn, and are guaranteed to leave out all sorts of requirements they'll tack on later. Meanwhile, they will only perform to the absolute minimum performance standard they can get away with, underpaying their workers while offering overpriced "benefits" (all on an "even deal" with what the civil servants they replaced were given....NOT!!), and if asked to do anything beyond their performance work statement, will happily do so.....for more money, of course! They also tend to ignore or pencil-whip maintenance on everything, because they make more money on replacing a system or component than they do repairing it (repairs generally take longer, and are paid for by the agreed contract price; replacements don't take as long, and the new equipment is paid for by Uncle Sam).

Overall effect? Less performance, lower reliability, higher cost. Meanwhile, many A-76's were dragged on over many years (upwards of 10 years for some!), costing the taxpayers millions of dollars that will never be recouped, due to the contractors costing more than the civil servants they replaced. Your tax dollars, hard at work!!