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10-28-2013, 09:44 AM
So it was brought to the attention of a couple facebook pages today that in the new Sgt course on Marinenet the true Marine Corps stance is revealed. While yes, the Marine in the example is wrong, the recommended punishment is far more harsh than those of the Marines in previous examples (which had MONTHS of setting a pattern of misconduct). Some of the other Marines were recommended to get "talked to", informal counselings, take away privileges and EMI. But for this Marine, it jumps straight to negative counselings and paperwork, to NJP or page 11/6105. BUT WHY??? It might have something to do with the weakness that is becoming the new standard in the Corps and it's reckless abandoning of the combat experience that it should be retaining. YES, this Marine was specifically mentioned to have received a bronze star in combat and have PTSD. We keep hearing Marines complaints about decorated Marines being treated like shit when they move about the Corps, especially our warriors in the Wounded Warrior Battalion, everyone turned a cheek and said it's bull. WELL, here it is, black and white... or should I say black and white and green and some other unprofessional bullshit design. Training the future of the Marine Corps to treat the ones that keep the Corps legacy of being the fiercest fighting mother fuckers alive, as if they need to be extinguished. The sad part is that the vast majority of (I was hoping not to use this word) POGS wouldn't think twice about this because it's how they're raised. I see it my PME courses every time, bunch of fucking slack jawed yokels. Oh and here is the main picture by the way. *side note* Does anyone here honestly think that an NJP is going to help a Marine with a taste for alcohol and some bad memories? If so, you need to get the fuck out.

10-28-2013, 09:53 AM
Maybe if this shitty leader would just man the fuck up and chew some ass, this battle hardened war fucking dog, would respond. And where the fuck in here does the leader ever try to see what's going on in the devils mind? The Marine Corps needs to rewrite this, and it needs to do it right fucking now before I pop a fucking vein and curb stomp mother fuckers. WE NEED TO KEEP ALL THE EXPERIENCE WE CAN DURING THIS DRAW DOWN! IT UP TO LEADER TO FOSTER THE RIGHT ENVIRONMENT FUCKING FUCKS!

10-28-2013, 09:53 AM

10-28-2013, 10:18 AM
I agree with you, in today's environment going to NJP or a pg11 doesn't seem to me to be the next step. I will say that when I was a Cpl or Sgt, I would not NOT consider NJP in this example, but today I would not.

Going back to 1992, LCpl Stalwart was NJP'd and busted for assault and battery (bar fight at the FRA). A couple of months later promoted back to LCpl, promoted to Cpl, busted again at NJP for disrespect to an officer and busted to LCpl and 34 days later meritoriously promoted back to Cpl by the same officer who conducted the NJP. I later picked up Sgt, SSgt and GySgt was commissioned in the Navy and am now a LCDR. I don't think you would see that anymore.

Edit: Ironically, the Navy didn't really care about the NJPs when I applied for a commission. I addressed it in my written statement and interview, but was not really asked about it.

NJP has morphed from a truly non-judicial administrative measure "short of the stigma of a court martial" to almost a career ending step. As such, a bit more discretion should be exercised before pulling that trigger.

11-04-2013, 04:07 AM
The entire Uniform Code of Military Justice needs to be restructured. The same measures needed in order to perform a Court Martial should also apply for NJP. If both are going to end careers at this point in the game, they should both be treated with the same respect and process. I'm all about mirroring the Criminal Justice system, and affording the Marines the right to press for counter charges against Commanders who begin NJP or Court Martial proceedings based off undisclosed biased reasons. If Marines were afforded that right, it would force Commands to actually ensure they have their ducks in a row before messing with a Marine's career. It would also assist in weeding through biased punishment, and actually conform to the letter of the law. This new Marine Corps is all about engaged leadership apparently.... and that entails sitting knee to knee with Marines. If we really practiced what we preached, we wouldn't really need NJP or Court Martial except in cases of heinous, intentional offenses or outright belligerance.