View Full Version : Looking for Air Force Dad - 1963 at Tyndall AFB

08-23-2013, 06:38 PM
I am posting in a reply here because I am a new member and I'm not allowed to start a post yet. I'm not in the military (my brother is a lieutenant colonel) but this does not involve him, it involves my boyfriend. My boyfriend is trying to locate his birth father who was in the air force (1963 at Tyndall AFB) and sadly, does not even know that he exists. When I have posting rights, would this be the right forum to post a question regarding the bare info we have? If not, then I don't want to violate posting etiquette here. We just have no idea where to turn at this point-- his records are sealed (not that they contain any info about the birth father, the birth mother denies any recollection of him beyond a one night stand); he's been through 3 DNA tests and found his great great grandfather line, but there are thousands of possibilities within that line. I am sure his air force dad would want to know about the very successful son he was deprived for a life time. Thanks for any tips, and if this discussion does not belong here, I apologize and won't post again.

08-23-2013, 07:31 PM
Looks like you found the right place. In fact, I think the formum admin just recently created this sub-forum (good idea Bourne!).

So go ahead and post what you do/don't know about his birth father in this thread. While most of us on here joined in the late 80s or since then (the bulk seem to have joined in the late 90s and beyond), there are a few "old timers" on here that served during Vietnam.