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Old Fart IV
08-16-2013, 01:06 AM
All good thing do come to an end - for me it was transitioning from the Air Force to the civilian work force. Moving to a new city and searching for a new job is difficult, but networking via LiknkedIn with other people in the same profession and area you are moving to can help make the transition easier.

LinkedIn is providing free upgrade for Military Members, Vets, and Retirees (the message below was copied from a blog and the embedded links are disabled).

Email from Alison Dorsey, Social Impact Manager at LinkedIn, asking me to share that due to the overwhelming response from my August 1st, 2013 post reporting the premier career and professional networking website had been offering a unique gratis offering free membership for Military and Veterans, LinkedIn, SIMPLIFIED the offering of 12 months of their “Job Seeker” level membership FREE for Military and Veterans alike.

LinkedIn has responded to the various conversations and group threads depicting individual frustrations and critiques of the previous initiation process with a NEW and STREAMLINED offer!

LinkedIn asks that if you desire this, in my words; generous and supportive offer, all that the Military member/ Veteran must do is join their ” Veteran Mentor Network“

Upon joining this specific group, the Military member/Veteran will AUTOMATICALLY be enrolled for 12 months in the “Job Seekers” level of membership.

I understand this to mean; that no longer will a credit card be required to activate membership. Yet, LinkedIn still asks to have your Military service clearly denoted in your LinkedIn profile.

Simply join The ” LI JOB SEEKER SUBSCRIPTION, a subgroup of, Veteran Mentor Network and you will receive a year of FREE LinkedIn membership! (the previous process is obsolete)

Please continue to share this wonderful tool with recruiters, Veterans Advocates, Veterans support groups, Veterans Administration Representatives, Human Resources Departments, Individuals, Military/Veterans Forums, Facebook groups, Twitter Followers and the like!

LinkedIn has been paying attention to the discussions, questions, frustrations, needs, and gratitude revolving around this offer and has responded with a very quick concise remedy to keeping this valuable program accessible and simplified for our valued Military and Veteran population.

I publicly thank LinkedIn for demonstrating their support to our Heroes.

And most of all; I thank each and every service-member for your sacrifice to our country.

If the forum admin will allow, I'll update this post with the blog link

08-16-2013, 05:07 AM
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08-20-2013, 10:04 AM
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