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07-09-2013, 03:48 PM
Good Day,

I live in Bermuda and am researching the history on a series of tunnels and possible bunkers at the former US Air Base at Kindley Field in Bermuda (Airbase was in operation from 1941 - 1970 when it became NAS Bermuda and closed in 1995). The bunkers are on a peninsula named "Soldiers Point" on one map. The only reference I could find was a telephone wiring layout referring to a "Plot Room" from roughly 1960.

The base has shut down and is now a civilian airport and nature preserve, but few records remain on the underground facilities left behind. I have already exhausted the local archives which hold many former US records from the base, so I am now looking for further info from people who used to work there.

The questions I have are:

1) When were these tunnels / bunkers built?
2) What was their purpose?
3) What is their interior layout? (Each access tunnel is sealed by metal doors)
4) Is there any documentation available concerning these facilities?

I cannot post images or links, but the Google Earth location of Soldiers Point is Lat: 32°20'56.22"N Long: 64°39'20.63"W The position is almost directly between the two entrances. You can see the foot paths looking like an inverted 'V' shape north of the position.

Any assistance you can give would be appreciated. Thanks.

07-31-2013, 09:42 PM
I was there in the mid 80's as an adventurous kid. I know there were some old bunkers out at that end in the NASA area but don't remember much about that side of Coopers island. But on the SE side of Coopers Island (if you are standing in back of the Clearwater beach oval pavilion facing away from the beach) and look across the street at the small building across the street(used to be a Navy radio facility) and go straight back to the opposite shoreline there was a classic Quonset hut style bunker fully buried in the hill right near the road that was a hardened door with 1 big room. If I remember right it was just south of the small pier that is on that road back there. At that time it was full of old stuff from the clubs(Old pool tables, boxes of very old canceled checks, bar stools, etc), it was packed full you had to crawl through everything. Also in that middle area there was a large group of abandoned warehouses and some buildings. I don't remember clearly but there may have been some other similar bunkers over that way that were either empty and boring or the doors were properly secured.

There was cluster of proper concrete bunkers up in the area down the hill from Longbird house(the now demolished CO's residence) on the north side facing the ball fields. Some were being used for scouting group meeting areas and overflow storage at the time. Most had heavy steel doors and usually the locks were broken. The ones by Longbird still had active power to feed lighting to them though. It wasn't a huge complex but there were a number of rooms in them. This was a very cool area to explore at that age.

Hope that helps, I would like to hear any follow up or pictures of the areas if you find them or whats left of them.