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05-01-2013, 06:13 PM
For those who own hair clippers, and do their own hair (or others at their place).. how often do you replace your clippers?

05-02-2013, 05:38 AM
I don't very often... I know you can replace the blades, but I don't even do that. Usually use them until they don't work anymore.

Before I deployed I bought a new one, it is curved to contour to your head... not convinced they are any better than the "normal" ones.

When I got here and saw all the cool kids growing 'staches, knowing my cheesy child molester 'stach wouldn't be impressive enough, I opted for growing a combover! I've shaved my head for the last 18 years. 9.5 months later, I've got a pretty sweet combover. Not Donald Trump sweet, but close! Pretty awesome when it gets windy! Headed home on R&R today... told the wife I'd come home with it and shave it off the next day. So now I can check "comb over" off my bucket list and go back to low maintenance! lol

05-02-2013, 11:40 AM
I bought a hair trimming kit for around twenty-six bucks when I got out.
I used the electric clippers to trim my beard.
I kept the blades clean with a stiff bristle brush, and a little 3-in-1 lubricating oil.
I gave them to a friend's wife because I was moving and only carrying essentials.
As far as I know they're still working, and in great shape.

05-02-2013, 11:56 AM
I dont use the attachments, i brush out the blades and keep them oiled up. I use it every two weeks to shave my head and it works like a champ. Been using it for quite some time now.

08-07-2013, 03:41 PM
I have had the same pair for 7yrs. Only brush them out and dab oil. Still good to go.