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10-25-2010, 06:08 PM
Hello, I am obviously trying to reenlist and have been doing so since Oct 2009. I was infromed by a recruiter that I would have to wait until January 2010 to begin the reenlistment paperwork. I waited for the New Year to holiday to pass, and gave him several courtesy days prior to arriving on his door step. I completed the initial paperwork such as MEPS physical worksheet, as well as several other documents. This recruiter gave me what most would consider the run around. I had to complete the MEPS physical checklist three times in 2 weeks, and still was not scheduled for a physical.

I finally looked for a different recruiter who may have had more of an opportunity to help me. First I must say since I am a former Marine I do understand mission accomplishment, and do not mind be put on the back burner for the recruiters,, and staff to accomplish said mission; however I must also say that this is the end of October, and still have not heard ananswer back as of yet. After finding a SNCO to assist me in this teaeous process I finally took all my pictures, and completed what I thought was the majority of the paperwork. To my surprise my paperwork was kicked back from Distrct many times due to mistakes on the paperwork, as well as missing paperwork. I realize that recruiters, and MEPS personnel do not complete PSEP packages often, though I would expect them to know what documents make up one.

I actually had to research the documents needed to complete said named package on my own track down the paper work and complete some of these documents myself. I also needed an interview from a Provost Marshal since I was slated in the crucial MOS field of 5811. I scheduled this interview myself as well. I do not mind taking care of any of these steps on my own. I just was under the impression that these documents, and processes were all in-house procedures but if you are a Marine you know assumptions are the mother of all f$@k Ups. Well 10 months later my package has finlly cleared district, and has arrived at Region. I'm not sure how long Region will hold on to it.

If anyone has any thoughts on this cluster I'd apprciate it.

P.S. I usually hear Marines state that the Corps, or MarAdmin reflects it is not accepting Prior Service packages until FY11. I also heard this in October 2009 that is why I waited until Jan 6 2010 to begin. Also it seems that Marines have no idea what a fiscal year is.

For those unaware Calendar year is Jan - Dec, FY is Oct 1 until Sept 30 with 4 quarters.


06-14-2013, 03:42 AM
Man I hope you are still around lol, I got a question I am going through the BS process of the PSEP and my package was sent to District last month in May and was wondering how long was your package at District before they sent it up to Heaquarters

Thank you

06-20-2013, 06:48 AM
It's weird - all the recruiters for the Marine reserves gave me the run-around. Yet more than a year after I joined the Guard I get calls from... the Marine Reserves recruiters. WTF