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  1. Taliban's terms for peace talks outlined @ "University of Jihad", Pakistan
  2. Major Metzger Mayo And Her Enabler Scoundrels Belong At The Top Of The Shame List
  3. Obama Requests 15000 Russian Troops for "Upcoming" Upcoming Disaster (Sorcha Faal)
  4. Massive US East Coast Disaster Warned Near As Dolphin Deaths Explode (Sorcha Faal)
  5. Putin Authorizes Atomic First Strike Against US Naval Forces (Sorcha Faal)
  6. Fact is Stranger than Fiction
  7. Tales From Room 222: Gang Stalking
  8. Emmy winners
  9. Miss Universe 2013
  10. Child Chained to Porch
  11. Air Force NCO Wonders What Happened to his Career
  12. Sarah Palin: “Thanksgiving is for Real Americans Not Indians”
  13. What is important?
  14. The Oscars
  15. Buyer Beware
  16. Royalist Stoltenberg to head NATO, harming democracy, helping enemies
  17. Loose Change conspiracy
  18. Atari "ET" Cartridges Found In New Mexico Landfill
  19. Woman A Leading Authority On What Shouldn’t Be In Poor People’s Grocery Carts (Onion)
  20. Unpaid internships. Good work experience, or Illegal?
  21. OJ's Wild Ride
  22. Single parents: Mom VS Dad
  23. Yet more floods, but still some areas in droughts.. Why can't they pipe/ship it?
  24. Border fence. Why such disparity in how much it would cost?
  25. Medical staff at lackland threatened if they go to press..
  26. Yet another leftist city litigation
  27. Actual research money spent on this?
  28. Effective gun control ad?
  29. Philip Seymore Hoffman
  30. Changing the definitions of words
  31. Suing a school and complaining about quality education
  32. Selling a car via ebay or other sites. Why no need to check for ID?
  33. Ohio lawmakers to go after Cleveland indians
  34. 9th annual gay games to be held in Cleveland.
  35. restaurant stops offering discount for prayers before meals, due to lawsuit
  36. Transportation company loses/delays hundreds of families cars in shipment.
  37. Are ladies nights discriminatory?
  38. CVS's new ads showing how health conscious they are..
  39. Transgendered students, which team should they be on?
  40. Foot in mouth disease is doing well i see..
  41. Ducks as "emotional assistance animals?
  42. Absinthe's UFO Stories
  43. Disney censors "God" from posts. Right or wrong
  44. How wussy is this?
  45. Rainmaker vs. RustyJones ... go
  46. Shamed on Facebook
  47. Why is this surprising?
  48. Mineapolis school takes pre-teens and teens to sex store for 'educational' trip..?
  49. Uber goes gun free and loses respect and customers cause of it
  50. States (and cities/towns) that ban fireworks for common citizens.. Why sell them?
  51. The Conspiracy Meme
  52. Free internet for low income households.. WHY????
  53. Free Inhabitant
  54. What's the deal with Denmark?
  55. Yale Professor Seeks To Abolish The Word ‘Master’
  56. The Inter-Racial Marriage Act
  57. Putin: Obama a Sunni Shill
  58. South Carolina flooding..
  59. Putin Authorizes Shootdown of US Planes Over Syria
  60. US Military Takes Over Federal Reserve
  61. Obama Signs War Powers Act; Sends Troops to Cameroon
  62. Barack Obama's Real Mission . . .Deception?
  63. Is Russia about to Launch a "Financial Strike" Against the US?
  64. Neil Degrasse Tyson
  65. North Korea Sinking of US Cargo Ship Prompts China-Russia Deployments
  66. Were ISIS' Toyota Trucks Supplied by the State Department?
  67. Anonymous intends to unveil names of up to 1,000 Ku Klux Klan members
  68. An Occult World Series?
  69. Russian Vows Revenge For Plane Takedown
  70. Terrorism Heads Up
  71. Fort carson vendor told to stop selling T-shirt due to "political" messaging??
  72. Laser pointers into plane/helo cockpits
  73. 11/21/15 Global Meditation Event
  74. Russia Warns US of Thanksgiving Bloodbath
  75. Marijuana
  76. Earth History from the Andromedan Perspective
  77. US-Turkey Plot Exposed
  78. Did German Secret Societies Colonize Mars in the 40's?
  79. Galactic Federation of Light Update
  80. US Bombs Russians Who Discover CIA backed Muslim Terror Cell with US Ties
  81. New Women-Led Terror Cell Linked to San Bernadino Massacre
  82. Newsflash: Trolls suck
  83. Where in the world is Carmen AbsintheAnecdote?
  84. East coast storms
  85. Progressive Parents Refuse To Tell Child Its Sex (Onion Article)
  86. Heroin overdose epidemic..
  87. Is the Grim Reaper sexist?
  88. Whitewashing
  89. Conspiracy time
  90. false accusations.. What should happen to the accuser(s)??
  91. This Child's Babysitter Abused Him But Won't Be Charged For the Craziest Reason
  92. 17 year old puts pair of glasses on museum floor - people think it's art
  93. For reals?
  94. Panera sued over sandwich served to child with allergy
  95. Ad changes
  96. Creepy
  97. More university stupidity, from UNC this time
  98. Pokemon Go or No Go
  99. Texas student punished for "All lives matter tweet".. Censorship or what?
  100. Black Lives Matter, but only if they're American
  101. Still with the bombs, not planes...
  102. Rapists, false accusations and the like
  103. Husband Waits To Have Sex Until Marriage . . . Then Learns Wife is 4 Months Pregnant
  104. Kim Kardashian robbery story raises some eyebrows
  105. Steven Segal, russian citizen now..
  106. NBC's Fake News King Brian Williams Launches Crusade Against "Fake News"
  107. MTV's 2017 new years resoution for white guys.. backlash!
  108. "We don't tip black people'?? Why only finding in BBC news?
  109. So who wants to move to germany??
  110. Playboy bringin' back the nudes
  111. Wooly Mammoth resurrection
  112. Kyrie...WTF?
  113. Pray for Sweden
  114. Hogg off limits cause he's a "kid"..
  115. China's Social Credit Score
  116. White nationalists in the services, more of a threat than syria and iran??
  117. Cleopatra
  118. Superbowl
  119. Oscars
  120. ‘Storming’ Area 51: Internet meme or an actual threat?