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  20. Engagement Traditions (rings, wedding costs etc)
  21. Change of heart
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  25. Does this come to par with homosexual discrimination?
  26. Author Suggest Jesus Never Existed After Finding No Mention Of Him In Historical Text
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  28. Give Santa The Boot
  29. Janay Rice Believes Brutal Elevator Beating Was God’s Plan
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  33. 10 egregious myths the religious perpetuate about atheists, debunked
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  35. Army of God? 6 Modern-Day Christian Terrorist Groups You Never Hear About
  36. Air Force won't punish general for speech about God
  37. Josh Duggar
  38. God told me to do it
  39. God the Hero
  40. Obama celebrates Ramadan i the white house
  41. God Created Adam and Eve, Not Adam and Steve...
  42. Pope apologizes for conquest of America...receives hammer and sickel cross
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  44. God's Perfect Plan
  45. John Oliver's cockeyed bid to have the Feds vet Churches
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  47. prayer over doctors
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  51. Mjolnir
  52. Marine colonel calls suicide ‘shameful,' cites ‘godless age’ and calls on Marines to