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  9. If you post in this red thread, you are admitting that you are a Communist supporter!
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  13. Any Car guys here?
  14. JP4 and Benzene and Leukemia
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  16. Marriage in the military
  17. Most embarrassing thing that happened to you...
  18. Favorite Local Restaurants by Bases You've Been Stationed At
  19. Photographer forced to photograph Gay Marriage
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  21. After nearly a year...justice no closer...
  22. Post-Retirement
  23. Best insult ever
  24. AAFES Restaurants That Wouldn't Hack It Outside the Gate
  25. Ramstein AB, Germany
  26. Best or Most Practical Doo-dad you've seen
  27. MSgt Boards NOW OFFICIAL
  28. This Board/Forum
  29. Greetings from Afghanistan
  30. Another Homecoming...
  31. Air Force LT - Super Bowl Cheerleader
  32. McPeak has a new book!
  33. KC-46A tanker gets new name: Pegasus
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  35. Too Damn Lazy
  36. Cowardice on the Rise
  37. Proud to be Blue
  38. Afro April
  39. Need advice on how to deal with a douche bag
  40. Notice the number of forums on this compared to the Army?
  41. All's well that ends well
  42. Shaken's Getting Married
  43. Someone call a doctor.....
  44. Nellis AFB
  45. Trials and Tribulations of Tak, military father