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  1. Finally! A ground guy replacement for Nomex flight gloves
  2. Defeat area denial efforts with this flaccid flask
  3. Beretta APX pre-release walk through
  4. Art, science and fact combine to explain suppressors
  5. And now good news
  6. Arc’teryx LEAF’s redesigned uniform in motion
  7. BATFE backs off armor piercing ammo reclassification*
  8. Remington Defense rifles released to consumers
  9. What’s this Glock media event at NRAAM all about?
  10. Glock 43 news leaked: simplicity in a 9mm single stack
  11. Army looking to outfit snipers with new thermal sight
  12. DIY Workmate reloading station
  13. Jordan Hunter Exits Daniel Defense
  14. Finally
  15. Happy Easter
  16. Image Cache: April 09, 2015 at 06:51PM
  17. Happy Birthday
  18. At a crossroads
  19. Any Computer People Out There?
  20. Charity donations and political/religious affiliation
  21. Being "green"
  22. Comic books
  23. Social Media Outrage
  24. This place is pretty much dead
  25. Pet Peeves
  26. What are y'all going to do on Memorial Day?
  27. Hypenated Americans.
  28. It's been fun
  29. Who let sandsjames leave??!!
  30. Phone call from someone that'll help fix my wife's computer!
  31. 4th of July
  32. Windows 10
  33. Some US troops and veterans now barred from Garmisch's Edelweiss resort
  34. Used 55 Gallon Metal Barrels
  35. Mowing the yard, versus using Brushkiller
  36. Raging Battle of Egos
  37. Days like this make you want to scream!!!
  38. 7 changes wanted by Sailors
  39. American Ninja Warrior
  40. Common threads in TA actions against Phoenix, Globe
  41. Confirmation bias
  42. The Stoplight
  43. Survey Finds That An Alarming Number Of Millennials Would Give Up Sex For This…
  44. Very cold here. Oh so cold ...
  45. Light Bulbs
  46. Star Wars: The Force Awakens
  47. Rainmaker's Paradise
  48. American Ido, final season.. Who has been your favorite??
  49. Happy New Year
  50. Vote: 2015 Post of the Year
  51. Powerball
  52. Teen turned down by Marines for his Tattoo
  53. Women
  54. Colleges and Universities. The thing about them being protected zones.
  55. National Archive Reenlistment
  56. You have a virus ...c all this number ...
  57. Batman v Superman **SPOILERS**
  58. The Whole "Safe Space" Thing...
  59. Omaha NE RFI
  60. An Ad You Would Never See Today
  61. Public vs private lives
  62. More Evidence of Male-Female Role Reversal?
  63. Captain America sexuality
  64. Diversity Sucks
  65. For Those That Gripe About Running a Mile and a Half ...
  66. Shitty Drivers
  67. Will Colleges Now Have to Let Students Self-Identify as a Different Race?
  68. Comic Books
  69. Hashtag
  70. Now Reading
  71. Equal Opportunity
  72. Is right wing extremism and racism more common in the military than in the US in gene
  73. Jury science/picking..?? Should it be legal??
  74. Rope tying and knots.
  75. Happy Thanksgiving
  76. Index cards, what best to hold a group??
  77. S(*(DVC damn Yahoo hacks..
  78. Lyft/Uber (etc)
  79. Rogue One: A Star Wars Story **SPOILERS**
  80. political movies/tv shows, why always democrats in charge/right??
  81. Learned a lesson today, don't cook on wax paper
  82. The Personal Bullshit Thread
  83. Helicopter based/focused shows/films
  84. Everyday Carry (EDC)
  85. How Complaining Changes Your Brain
  86. Get stationed in the UK, from 1980-96 and forever banned from giving blood?
  87. VA MAth
  88. New Military retirement system on its way in
  89. Military "Honor units" at sport events?
  90. 'Shove your priority boarding’ — Aussie vets call airline’s veteran benefit offer ‘to
  91. Book Reviews
  92. Masked Singer
  93. Home Electronics
  94. Forum spam
  95. Revive the Forum