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  1. Commanding Officer says there is a ‘Filipino mafia’ on US warship.
  2. If government shuts down, so would troop pay
  3. I support the peeing Marines
  4. LA Gun Buyback Program: paid good money for useless "rocket launcher"
  5. Federal appeals court rules Defense of Marriage Act unconstitutional
  6. Do you agree, or disagree with voter id laws?
  7. Great story
  8. Yet another school shooting, this time at an Elementary.
  9. Screwed...
  10. The case for a national ID card
  11. Should chanting "USA" be racist?
  12. Dept. of Agriculture: "Food Stamps make America Stronger"
  13. Robert F. Dorr Columns
  14. Another case of "One person craps their pants and we all have to wear diapers..."
  15. Feinstin says were all mental
  16. Karzai implicates the U.S...
  17. Ohio high school rape case.
  18. American Legion: one happy family?
  19. Chemical Weapons Used In Syria
  20. Companies requiring physical screenings, or pay penalties.. Right or wrong?
  21. I'm all for fair trials, appeals and all that, BUT...
  22. School cancells honor student's night of recognition, to be more inclusive..
  23. Tea Party: Fox News "Too Liberal"
  24. Why is this national news?
  25. Rediscovered Pictures from Vietnam
  26. Student at FAU suspended for not stomping on Jesus sign
  27. Obvious Troll is Obvious
  28. Bob Feller Act of Valor Award
  29. No Purple Hearts for Fort Hood Victims, Pentagon Says
  30. Army vet charged with participating in Syrian civil war
  31. This has GOT to be a joke...
  32. Judge rules ALL women should have morning after pill..
  33. Press "Shield laws"
  34. Obama Overrides Congress to Buy $690 Million Worth of Russian Choppers for Afghans
  35. 14 injured...
  36. HUH?!? Army colonel in child porn case had ID stolen, lawyer says
  37. Judge rules illegal imcompetent to stand trial
  38. Attention: Terror alerts across the globe.
  39. Female Marine gets reprimand, loss of pay in adultery case
  40. And we wonder why we're broke
  41. Christians in Egypt under fire (literally).
  42. Latest news from the Twilight Zone
  43. The Washington Redtails!!!
  44. GOP Solution to Unemployment: Don't measure it
  45. YOUR Top 3 Sources for News.
  46. Way to go CNN!!!!
  47. Radical Cleric to Curse US Navy SEAL Heroes at Funeral Services
  48. Tax dollars used for taxi's for people to go to methadone clinics..
  49. Custodian Sues School Over English-Only Signs
  50. Mother's day parade shot up.. WTF main stream media!!!
  51. Why MST continues the military
  52. Teenager defaces Luxor Temple in Egypt
  53. Who said a Major couldn't make it to the top?
  54. A toy to make a Shrike drool...
  55. Dempsey: Military ready to trim numbers, perks of top brass
  56. Tornado monster makes beeline for Tinker!
  57. In the latest case of "Everyone Gets a Trophy"
  58. Supreme court ok's taking od DNA from arestees
  59. FLA schools retina scan students without parents ok
  60. Supreme Court: DNA swab after arrest is legitimate search
  61. Soap Opera America: Jill Kelley lawsuit against DOD fallout of Petraeus sex scandal.
  62. John McCain: Women should avoid military service until sexual misconduct crisis solve
  63. CNN reports Verizon ordered to give metadata on ALL phone calls to NSA..
  64. CA forest fires.. Flooding elsewhere.
  65. NSA surveillance program
  66. Boston parking spaces auctioned off for $560,000
  67. Hassan Rohani is Iran's next president. What will change?
  68. NSA program
  69. NSA Program
  70. Women to be allowed in Seals by 2016 as part of getting more into combat roles
  71. Four Americans killed in rocket attack at Bagram
  72. Michael Hastings (of McChrystal fame) dies in car wreck
  73. Is the supreme court being chicken sh** in not making a ruling on Affirmative action?
  74. Man Flips Out Over Cheese on His Burger at Wendy's.
  75. Army cutting brigades at 10 US bases
  76. Athiest monument unveiled in Fl at court house.
  77. Mother Russia
  78. California rescuers suing druggies
  79. Extended Unemployment a Civil Right?
  80. IRS targets conservatives
  81. Retirees subject to recall for UCMJ Prosecution
  82. Computers and Smartphones now illegal in FL-presumed GUILTY if caught with them....
  83. Geo marker apps for guns. Good or bad idea.
  84. VA workers selling drugs to vets.
  85. Detroit (and other cities) going bankrupt. SHOULD fed govt bail them out?
  86. George Zimmerman Hero?
  87. NGT on Intelligent Design
  88. Fed agencies telling websites to hand over user passwords
  89. Soldiers Dog Given Away
  90. Bradley Manning Verdict
  91. Hazing article
  92. Robbery to "Honor" Travon Martin?
  93. "Navy Looks to Cut 3 Carriers/20% GS positions"(Norfolk VA)
  94. Obama to nominate Deborah Lee James secretary of Air Force
  95. Joint Camo
  96. Global Terror Alert
  97. "US natgas boom sucks nuclear power into downdraft"
  98. "British ADM. Sir John Forster Sandy Woodward Died at 81."
  99. Furloughs Cut from 11 to 6
  100. Purge the generals
  101. We don't want your stinkin kids..
  102. Air Force to dismiss anyone found to have committed sexual misconduct
  103. Area 51 Exists
  104. Military personnel punished for posting ads seeking sex in Afghanistan
  105. Army leaders give subordinates two weeks to cut staffs
  106. Oklahoma teens kill Austrailian, just for fun. Murder 1 or Manslaughter??
  107. Shirt Candy at Six Flags
  108. WA teens beat WWII vet to death
  109. DHS employee rus website advocating mass murder
  110. DHS employee runs website advocating race war
  111. Hassan the Terrorist is CONVICTED
  112. Fitness tests for police. Need to get in, but not while in??
  113. 30 day sentence for rape
  114. Legalization of Mary Jane
  115. Ionic Conductors
  116. Ariel Castro found dead
  117. Whites only
  118. KBR seeks "battle field immunity" in case of injured soldiers.
  119. Article: Drunk Sex is not Sexual Assault
  120. Another case of a baby being found in a dump. WTF!
  121. Syrian Gas Attack: What was the delivery method?
  122. George Zimmerman in the Media Spotlight Once Again...
  123. Pro-Gun Control Legislators Ousted
  124. CIA Assisting Syrian Rebels To Get Weapons of Mass Destruction
  125. "Active Sniper/Shooter at Washington Navy yard, 0820 today!"
  126. Company that vetted snowdwn also did Alexis for clearance
  127. Retired football players house broken into, parents threaten to sue HIM!>
  128. Mall shooting/hostage issue in Kenya.
  129. Let the frightfest begin.
  130. Chicago vs travon
  131. "SHUTDOWN, October 1, 2013, How does it Affect 'MTF Members in GS positions?"
  132. Government Shutdown Mean no Tuition Assistance
  133. Who in Congress legitimately deserves to be fired?
  134. Active Shooter at Capitol Hill
  135. Sam's Club waives shopping fees for military during government shutdown
  136. Free Market Federalism
  137. Shutdown = no overseas AFN NFL or MLB play off coverage.
  138. Most DOD Civs will return to work Monday
  139. Scott AFB bomber
  140. Memorial Militia
  141. Videos contradict Medal of Honor recipient's account of Ganjgal attack
  142. One sick (Former) Marine
  143. Global Slavery stats
  144. Giant Spongebob grave marker in historic cemetery
  145. Awe poor diddums. School gets beat 91-0 and parent says its bullying!
  146. "God Bless America" Singer Not Actually A Retired USMC Sergeant
  147. The Great Offutt Dope Bust of 13
  148. 3 Mil in foodstamp fraud at ONE location..
  149. Honda's Asimo
  150. One more reason to never fly again....
  151. Michigan woman’s Boston Marathon bombing costume sparks outrage, threats
  152. Shooter still on the loose at New Jersey mall
  153. General Interferes with IG Investigation
  154. Gun Owners and Conservative Icon George Zimmerman arrested AGAIN!!
  155. Oprah thinks only whites are racist.
  156. Why does Obama skip the 150th anniversary of Gettysburg?
  157. More Unions out of touch.
  158. Race-Baiting Free Zone, An Article that is Genuinely Newsworthy!
  159. North Korea detains U.S. war veteran, 85, son says
  160. Obamacare/ACA: Has it affected you?
  161. Kids being kids, or a hate crime??
  162. Breaking: NSA Tracks Porn Viewership As Well!
  163. A few, not proud
  164. AF Captain acquitted
  165. Tech jobs for vets
  166. Duke Lacrosse Accuser convicted/sentenced in murder case
  167. Finally, a male's life isnt ruined by simple accusation of rape.
  168. Liberals being liberals
  169. Common Core to your kids.
  170. American troops = new Taliban poll shows.
  171. Mandela
  172. Who does this reflect worse on? Lying lesbian waitress
  173. Budget negotiators looking at military pensions
  174. Appealing to Her Base? Sarah Palin Visits the Duck Dynasty Gang.
  175. College student shot by cops 6 times. Overkill or proper proceedure
  176. The history of Mandela.
  177. See, more news for Mandela
  178. Time for the old GOP guard to be gone.
  179. GOP take swift action
  180. The universe is a hologram...sort of
  181. Rich Texas Teen Gets Probation For Killing 4 Pedestrians While Driving Drunk
  182. Minnesota man accused of stealing IDs of paratroopers at Fort Bragg
  183. Budget deal would reduce COLAs for some military retirees
  184. LGBT communities rally against russia.. but why not mid east?
  185. Gay equality, now what of Polygamy?
  186. Who still believes there is no voter fraud?
  187. WOW, Can't Believe This Wasn't Picked Up By Mainstream Media
  188. The Dynasty is dead
  189. South Sudan???
  190. NSA Bulk Collection Program Ruled Legal
  191. Al Qaida Expense Reports
  192. Iraq PM urges residents to expel Al Qaeda from Fallujah
  193. Homeless Vet?
  194. You guys think this guy will hire Mark O'Mara as his attorney?
  195. is it a miracle...we have a budget
  196. No babies allowed? What's your thoughts>
  197. What's your take on what EBT can be spent on??
  198. Kansas sperm doner gets hit for child support.
  199. Feres Doctrine
  200. VADM Rogers nominated as Director of NSA
  201. One Flag for rememberence.
  202. North Korea crimes evoke Nazi era, Kim may face charges: U.N. inquiry
  203. The Ukraine situation
  204. Jason Collins signed
  205. US military's new tactic to curtail sexual assaults: nab serial 'predators'
  206. The liberal Media vs Arizona
  207. Vending machines gone in schools?
  208. Don't wear a flag to school..
  209. The U.N./Russia
  210. Man did our team suck today
  211. 3rd graders busted in CA school for smoking Pot!..
  212. When in Doubt, liberals pull the race card.
  213. What to do with that pot money..
  214. This article needs to get ran in the Times
  215. Marine Corps Female Task Force Experiment
  216. Liberal non-sense.
  217. Liberal college professor of porn assaults teens.
  218. Colleges may get new rules.
  219. Now gays are ok, what about Transgendered troops??
  220. Missing Malasian flight
  221. EBT card used for Lingerie store..
  222. RSPECT
  223. Kids tossing rocks at cars on freeway, yet again...
  224. Fred Phelps dies
  225. March Madness
  226. Another "month"
  227. The military is looking for more cyberwarriors. Good luck...
  228. Voter fraud lady for Obama gets charges dismissed after serving 8 months..
  229. Getting welfare/food stamps but living on a Yacht!
  230. Should kids get in legal trouble for sexting?
  231. Garage Cleaning Turns up Boxes of Suffocated Infants
  232. LA county joins chicago in banning E cigarettes.
  233. San Antonio shooting
  234. Bradley / Chelsea Manning Name Change
  235. New Port Richey soldier says squatters won't leave his home
  236. Fraud in day cares
  237. Cliven Bundy
  238. Vets die, waiting for treatment. Yet another failure at a VA hospice
  239. Woman who cried rape
  240. Korean bar managers say troops turned down offers for help before soldier died
  241. AZ high school honors pregnant teens in year book. Right or wrong?
  242. CA trying to pass bill to let non citizens serve on jury duty. Right or wrong?
  243. New recession or just stagflation?
  244. Outcry about Paltrow
  245. So the United States is negotiating with terrorists now??
  246. Seattle pass $15 minimum wage
  247. Free pass?
  248. One idea to motivate the Air Force's nuclear ranks: add a star
  249. Illegal kids getting dumped in AZ and other states
  250. Back to Iraq?