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  1. Changing the Redskins' Name
  2. Advertising prescription drugs
  3. I am skeptical of this and truthfully hope it ends up being BS
  4. Our Robert F. Dorr on CNN??
  5. Million White Man March?
  6. Detroit water dept 'violating human rights' cutting off water to house holds
  7. North Korea threatens war on US over Kim Jong-un movie
  8. US personnel in Bahrain prepare for Ramadan
  9. Black woman beats white mother and kid.
  10. Mexican helo crosses border and fires on border patrol agents
  11. Using the System: Fired Nanny Won't Leave
  12. Lefties and their hypocrisy
  13. Leftist propaganda at its sadest
  14. Chase manhattan asking employees if they support LGBT rights on survey.
  15. Article about race and poverty
  16. First legal pot purchaser in Washington fired for smoking pot
  17. Illegal immigrant molests 9 yr old, after being deported 4 times and re-entering!
  18. "Undocumented" article
  19. Ridiculous
  20. Interesting on immigration
  21. Feds to house undocumented people at 3 star resort. Right or wrong??
  22. Malaysia takes another hit as a plane gets "Shot down" over the Ukrane
  23. Marine held in Mexico Jail
  24. Should the Fed govt pay for sex change ops for prisoners?
  25. Stand With Clay's Mom: Clay Hunt Suicide Prevention for American Veterans Act
  26. TSA fee hike
  27. What is the CA govenor thinking??
  28. Salem mayor goes after religious college
  29. Investigators find fraud/ease of gaining subsidies on fake papers
  30. Un-American?
  31. Bible school invites guard, but not allowed to attend?
  32. Sarah Palin to launch her own online news channel
  33. Any sympathy?
  34. Jury awards Jesse Ventura $1.8M in defamation case against estate of 'American Sniper
  35. Possible evacuation of Americans infected with Ebola triggers fears in U.S.
  36. Sweeden joins other EU countries removing race from legislation
  37. Colorado to give drivers licenses to illegals.
  38. Indian tribe in montana wants Halfbreed name removed from state parks etc
  39. Man killed in argument over military branches
  40. ISIS now going after christians and Yazidi?
  41. Navy lodge removing bibles from rooms..
  42. More ridiculocity
  43. Idiocy is everywhere
  44. ISIS and the Journalist
  45. Yet another case of kids throwing rocks. But at least they are all being charged!
  46. Should people who pay ransom demands be charged with funding terror?
  47. American dies fighting for ISIS.
  48. School start times
  49. What are your thoughts?
  50. Teen Sues DMV After Being Told to Remove Makeup
  51. Female teacher has sex with 14 yr old, gets 6 months in jail?
  52. Too much homework?
  53. Airman denied re-enlistment for refusing to say "so help me God"
  54. Good Show
  55. Mob attacks 3 white people in Kroger parking lot in Memphis.
  56. Ray Rice, the Baltimore Ravens, the NFL & Domestic Abuse
  57. All female college to start allowing men, as long as they identify female
  58. Headline worthy?
  59. Soloff and Foley's family told "Pay ransom, get prosecuted
  60. Troops being sent to fight Ebola, but not to fight ISIS?
  61. Creative punishment
  62. Over the top
  63. Wtf!!??
  64. Aurora victim's family suing ammo supplyer. Right or wrong?
  65. Finally some common sense...
  66. Spanking children
  67. Home depot hacked..
  68. Group in Oregon to decide if illegals should get drivers licenses
  69. I'm confused
  70. "Obama salutes Marine with coffee cup, outrage ensues"
  71. Civil Rights Leaders Demand Apology From Daniele Watts For Using Race Card
  72. Critics blast authorities for treating beheading as case of workplace violence
  73. Military invites illegal aliens to sign up
  74. White House fence-jumper made it far deeper into building than previously known
  75. This whole Ebola mess
  76. Statue of limitations hit, but still getting punished..
  77. Open carry enthusiast robbed at gunpoint: ‘I like your gun. Give it to me.’
  78. Marine held in phillipines after death of transgendered person
  79. Money don't fix stupid
  80. Ebola doctor held in quarantine sues for it violating her rights.
  81. Thoughts on this....
  82. Navy SEAL who says he killed bin Laden draws ire of colleagues
  83. Senator wrong about value of studying mountain lions
  84. Bill Cosby Rape Allegations
  85. Harvard and UNC sued over their admission policies
  86. SECDEF Hagel resigning...
  87. So we all just gonna ignore the Ferguson violence?
  88. 2 men arrested for wanting to blow up gateway arch
  89. St Louis man beaten to death by kid thugs with hammers!
  90. St Louis Ram's players come out with "Hands up"
  91. Lower pay raise, fewer benefits
  92. Now this is true equality...
  93. LA to implement 'kitchen staff' line item for tipping on recepits.
  94. Berkeley protestors block trains and freeways again.
  95. Duped, I tells ya! Or maybe not...
  96. Aussie terror incident. What's up with all those showing 'support to the muslims"
  97. Nakedness ok??
  98. Cuba embargo
  99. Cyber Attack From North Korea
  100. Not so "smart"
  101. "Black brunch" protests hitting restaurants in several cities.. Right or wrong?
  102. Finally a politician makes the right choice.
  103. AF Instructor Convicted of Rape Commits Suicide
  104. Prosecutor Recommends Charges for Petraeus
  105. Paris and Boko haram
  106. Maryland Family Investigated for "Free Range Parenting"
  107. Federal charges unlikely for Darren Wilson in Ferguson case
  108. Arkansas family has kids taken by CPS, and still have not had them returned..
  109. Rapper sent to prison
  110. Let's all celebrate world Hiab day!, just like a CA school did.
  111. Lets talk about REAL news for a moment.
  112. Anyone else smell the hypocrisy?
  113. Gahrkal where you at on this one??
  114. Your position on ISIL
  115. Say it ain't so!
  116. Message from Iran: "We can take you U.S."
  117. Hildebeast
  118. Our old "friend" PYB in the news
  119. U.S. Senator Menedez to be Charged With Corruption
  120. This was ill-advised
  121. Photographer Harassed Online After Using American Flag as Prop for Baby Photo
  122. 60 minutes piece on the "Master dead index'
  123. Petraeus classified disclosure Case
  124. Overt censorship
  125. Sgt Bergdahl Charged with Desertion
  126. Offensive or not? Kids Playing on Vietnam Memorial
  127. Army Officer Charged with Producing Child Pornography
  128. AZ Senator: Church attendance should be mandatory
  129. Atheists now become a protected class of people
  130. Highest Paid State Employees
  131. Shouldn't she have to make it?
  132. Kansas abortion law
  133. CA DMV gets flooded with half a million illegals cause of CB-60.
  134. South Carolina shooting
  135. ACLU: Good or bad?
  136. The Masters
  137. Memphis mob beats black man for helping white woman in gas station lot.
  138. Girl scouts to allow boys in, as long as those boys 'feel they are girls"..
  139. Time for a woman to be on the 20 dollar bill?
  140. Georga college cancels classes for day, due to protest over US Flag.
  141. Bruce Jenner Interview
  142. UoF suspends frat, after members accused of spitting on Vets and stealing flag.
  143. Swingers club becomes church to avoid Zoning laws.
  144. Riots in Baltimore
  145. Iran seizes ship..
  146. Ku Klux Klan Endorse Dr. Ben Carson for President (This is NOT satire)
  147. In state costs for illegals.
  148. Free speech vs stupidity
  149. Tom Brady likely knew of 'inappropriate activities,' Deflategate report says
  150. Whiny little b*****s
  151. Woman to become Firefighter despite failing fitness test 6 times.. all for diversity.
  152. Minimum wage
  153. Hispanic BBq shop wanted to do "White appreciation day", backlash and threats come.
  154. Tiger...you devil...
  155. Transgendered tenants and colleges/graduation wear
  156. Dems make me laugh
  157. Texas biker gangs ordered to kill 'anyone in uniform'
  158. Strip clubs, casinos: DoD gets $1 million surprise
  159. New Jersey judge dismisses Ray Rice's domestic violence charges
  160. Gunman, 1 other killed in North Dakota Walmart shooting
  161. Bill Clinton and the Lolita Express
  162. LIve anthrax shipped.. Sorry we made a mistake.
  163. Idiots
  164. Thank God, that was a close one!!!
  165. Who will the Atheists vote for now?
  166. I had no idea
  167. Westboro church to picket Biden funeral
  168. Dennis Hastert Scandal
  169. Should we pay thugs to behave, rather than just keep jailing them??
  170. Air Force Mom helps convicts escape
  171. Rachel Dolezal NAACP Spokane
  172. Woman in florida arrested cause she wanted to live off the grid??
  173. Yet another government hack.. When will they learn?
  174. Oregon to give kids as young as 15 sex change ops on Medicare..
  175. Sanctuary cities
  176. Iranian deal
  177. Chatanooga shootings..
  178. Gen. Odierno: We have to be careful about over-arming ourselves
  179. Marine recruiters told don't wear your uniforms.
  180. 2nd Planned Parenthood video about selling feteal tissue..
  181. Another day... Another mass shooting...
  182. This day in 1948
  183. Afghanistan Bans Toy Guns
  184. Mh 370
  185. Bernie Sanders and Gun Control
  186. CA town appoints 2 Illegal immigrants to city council. HOW the F???
  187. Michael Moore takes on U.S. Military's "Need for War"
  188. More riots in Fergusun..
  189. Judge allows Illegal aliens to sue ICE for being detained>>
  190. Gov Brown signs bill to remove term "Alien" from labor code
  191. Secretary Clinton's Email Server
  192. Turkey, ISIS and the Kurds
  193. Extremist "Patriot" Groups
  194. Trump & Immigration
  195. Ca to start providing Interpreters for Civil court?
  196. Dispelling Dream act Myths
  197. Subway Jared to plead guilty to child porn
  198. Former NFL cheerleader gets probation for raping 15-year-old
  199. Way to go USMC
  200. Sheriff gunned down at Gas station in Tx..
  201. Trump Compare His Prep Academy Days to Serving in the Military
  202. Russia has troops in Syria
  203. US to Accept 85,000 Refugees in 2016, 100,000 in 2017, Kerry Says
  204. Sunnyvale: Neighbors sue to declare autistic boy a public nuisance
  205. Art student hangs 'whites only sign' around college.
  206. California governor signs right-to-die legislation
  207. Sacramento Marine Vet Says He Was Beaten Over Mistaken Case Of Stolen Valor
  208. Cyber Warfare, in all of it's glory
  209. Daycare workers claim they were fired over dispute with trans child (video)
  210. Can we now at long last...................
  211. 'Anonymous' hackers declare war on Islamic State
  212. States' Stance on Taking in Refugees
  213. Interesting immigration stats
  214. Former US Navy Traitor released from Life Prison Sentence.
  215. Saudi Arabia offers to build 200 mosques for Syrian refugees.. In Germany!!
  216. Massacre at the Social Services building, San Bernardino
  217. All of the services must allow women into all fields
  218. Ship name controversy
  219. Justice Scalia
  220. LAUSD closed due to thread
  221. 7th grader told to cover up Starwars shirt, cause storm troopers encourage violence??
  222. Federal Reserve interest rate increase
  223. Where is the forecasted disaster?
  224. Reports confirm Patriots lost to Jets on purpose to avoid playing Steelers in playoff
  225. Oregan Militia Takes Over National Wildlife Refuge, Federal Building.
  226. Abbott calling for a Constitutionial Convention
  227. Iran Seizes 2 US Navy Boats & 10 Crewmen
  228. Wearing unearned medals is 'free speech'?
  229. El Chapo's .50 cal
  230. More proof of the wussification of America
  231. Danish Teen attacked by immigrants but She's the one in trouble??
  232. Is a secret sniper killing off Isil's high command in Libya?
  233. Google to deliver wrong search results to would-be jihadis
  234. Well, at least it's not crystal meth
  235. Minnosota school says no to Valentine's day (and other holidays for being to dominant
  236. Bush, Rubio, Christie: Women should be eligible for Selective Service
  237. Pentagon orders commanders to prioritize climate change in all military actions
  238. Russia warns of 'new world war' starting in Syria
  239. Man Throws Live Gator Into Drive-Thru Window
  240. U.S. special forces not ready to integrate women, report finds
  241. Indicted CEO in car crash
  242. Women teacher fired cause student stole her phone and posted nude pics she had on it?
  243. VA gives deadline to veterans who have applied for health care
  244. PC crap at colleges gretting out of control or not??
  245. Top Wounded Warriro Execs Ousted After Probe
  246. Donald Trump says it could take 30,000 U.S. troops to defeat ISIS
  247. Bergdahl lawyers: Trump attacks damage chances of fair trial
  248. Brussels attacks
  249. Fort Carson soldier surrenders to cops after standoff
  250. Veterans are using pot to ease PTSD, despite scant research