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  1. Judge: Ky. can’t legislate dependence on God
  2. Questions for Liberals
  3. Scheming Atheists Ban Books from Springfield School
  4. The Expansion of the Galaxy (General Officer Inflation)
  5. Rubio/Paul 2016
  6. Gay Conservative: Boycott CPAC until they accept gays
  7. What will happen if Obama Orders the U.S. Military to Confiscate Guns in America?
  8. Scary "threats"... scary threats everywhere
  9. Republicans=Hawks/Democrats=Doves?
  10. The newest battlefield in the agenda of market logic
  11. Glenn Beck: God "has got to destroy America"
  12. Voting statistics
  13. Christian couple kills their second child
  14. Racism in the Racsim and sexism isn't just for republicans
  15. Sex assaults
  16. Obama: You cannot have security and freedom at the same time
  17. Texas Logic: It is legal to murder prostitute for not having sex with you.
  18. Supreme Court tosses portion of Voting Rights Act
  19. Personal Responsibility - the Viagra Bill!
  20. Sole Black Senator not invited to March on Washington Celebration
  21. We're All Syrian Rebels Now!
  22. Unlawful Order...
  23. Name reading
  24. Poll: How Would You Describe Yourself Politically?
  25. Shutdown.. Should all politicians take pay cut/freeze?
  26. 28th Amendment
  27. Potential Aftermath of the Shutdown
  28. Entitlements much?
  29. Eliminate the CFC Program
  30. EEO Manual Promotes White Privilege?
  31. GOP 'extremist movement' prompts NC candidate to switch to Democrat
  32. The Big Urban Swing to the Left
  33. Christie and Cuccinelli
  34. Election Day 2013- Not a good night for the Tea Party
  35. What do you think is the real reason we're still in Afghanistan?
  36. US Military Liberal/Progressive Experiences
  37. US Military Libertarian Experiences
  38. You Can Keep Your Healthcare?
  39. Speaking of Healthcare, Do We Think This Is Serious or a Troll?
  40. In All Fairness, Do Republicans Support the President's Delay of the ACA?
  41. Switzerland’s Proposal to Pay People for Being Alive
  42. More lies are exposed.
  43. I still wouldn't vote for the guy, but would you?
  44. Dems arent thinking about the future...or are they?
  45. Nuke Deal Made With Iran, Are We More or Less Safe Now?
  46. Rich People
  47. What Will Be the Future of US Involvement in Afghanistan
  48. Immigration Reform: Tough to Sell Comprehensively, Maybe A La Carte?
  49. Detroit Bailouts Begin: A Holiday Season Miracle or a Delay on the Inevitable?
  50. Point of Narcisisism, am I too Liberal?
  51. It's Only "Metadata"
  52. Dems Just dont understand...
  53. At least the DOJ is on the right side of this one for once..
  54. Christy signs dream act for NJ to give in state tuition rates to illegals
  55. Affirmative Action in 2014
  56. Property/school taxes.. Hating on the single folk?
  57. Senate Approves Sexual Assault Reform Bill
  58. DuPont Family Member Rapes Three Year Old Daughter, Does Not Serve Time
  59. The Untimely Passing of Common Sense
  60. Can they really be that stupid to think we will buy their lies?
  61. Do we need Representatives anymore?
  62. Supreme Court Recess Appointments Decision
  63. Declaration of Independence
  64. Just registered to vote in Ohio.. Strange?
  65. Subordination of personal belief to military service
  66. The Ukraines are a bunch a racists
  67. This is why the federal reserve is bad
  68. Nativist Americans: Immigration, Historical Memory and Dishonesty of Modern Racism
  69. The Electability of an Atheist
  70. National language?
  71. Election 2014
  72. Right to education?
  73. Abortion Topic
  74. "Good Samaritan laws" and medic certifications
  75. Restoring the Faith With Our Military
  76. NY schools to start observing Muslim holidays
  77. Mandated voting
  78. Low Wages Cost U.S. Taxpayers $153 Billion A Year
  79. Why libs think we are nuts
  80. Opinion column of poverty
  81. Debates...
  82. Career military people think they are conservative. They are liberal.(By John T Reed)
  83. Global Trends 2030
  84. Honor guard OK to march in gay pride events, but NOT ok to go to Church?
  85. Trump gets trumped by glob of spittle
  86. Pope Francis blames 'human selfishness' for global warming
  87. Age of consent and contracts..??
  88. Election 2016
  89. Energizer
  90. Flag burning question...
  91. Republican Debates
  92. Al Gore Insiders “Figuring Out If There’s A Path” For Him To Run
  93. Jim Webb 2016
  94. 2016 Polling
  95. Dr. Ben Carson Thread
  96. Rick perry drops out
  97. Boehner to resign at end of October
  98. Mass Shootings, the 2d Amendment and stuff
  99. Asking questions of those using mobility scooters??
  100. VP Joe Biden: I'm not running for president
  101. U.N. overwhelmingly rejects U.S. embargo of Cuba
  102. Democrats Only: Who do you like for the Democratic Nomination?
  103. A test for your political stance
  104. The Right Wing Love Affair With Vladimir Putin
  105. Trump no calls for intentionaly murdering civilain non-combatants
  106. The Meme Wars...
  107. The Future of the Republican Party
  108. GOP Debate Drinking game
  109. Lindsey Graham Drops Out
  110. Franklin Graham quits the Republican Party
  111. What this country needs is...?
  112. Why Obama Must Reach Out to Angry Whites
  113. Making a Murderer...on Netflix
  114. Jail bird politician wins reelection.
  115. Iowa Caucuses
  116. Rand Paul Drops Out!
  117. Bernie Sanders's Kibbutz Found. Suprise: It's Socialist.
  118. Justice Scalia dead. Who should replace, and should it come this year or next?
  119. Apple, iPhones and Encryption
  120. When will the left destroy America?
  121. People prove Trump is right...sometimes.
  122. Obama thinks blacks are typically drug dealers.
  123. Voter ignorance
  124. Why vote if its gonna be law anyway?
  125. Propose Your Own Amendment
  126. Democrats Conduct Sit-In on the Floor of the House
  127. Scoutus deadlocked on obama's immigration plan
  128. Brexit
  129. Happy Independence Day
  130. Comey says incompetent but no charges anyway
  131. Marine's lawyer plays the "Hillary card".
  132. Time to declare BLM a domestic terrorist organization
  133. Here's how to fix the problem once and for all...
  134. Clinton Veepstakes
  135. Trump: Tribune Of Poor White People
  136. As November Approaches, Courts Deal Series Of Blows To Voter ID Laws
  137. Goldman sachs says ok to donate to hillary but NOT trump??
  138. Democrats brace against potential 2018 Senate 'disaster'
  139. Debates 26 Sep
  140. Grab Them By The P***y
  141. DNC Involvement In Inciting Violence At Trump Rallies
  142. Compulsory voting
  143. Election Day 2016
  144. 2016 Election Post Mortem
  145. There's a new sheriff in town
  146. Sanctuary cities
  147. In Depressed Rural Kentucky, Worries Mount Over Medicaid Cutbacks
  148. Mexican charged with Raping 13 year old had 19 deportations, removals
  149. Trump, Russian Hacking, Election etc.
  150. Mattis SECDEF Nomination Testimony
  151. Women's march
  152. Over/Under
  153. President Trump's nominee to replace Scalia on the SCOTUS is out.
  154. Why Trump Supporters Love Calling People "Snowflakes"
  155. Conservatives and Liberals
  156. Nevertheless, She Persisted
  157. Some Patriots players won't visit White House
  158. Flynn Resigns as National Security Advisor
  159. Which 1%ers do you hate?
  160. Immigration and health care
  161. Wiretapping Trump Tower
  162. Who Did You Vote for in the 2016 Presidential Election?
  163. Jerry springer potentially to run for ohio governor??
  164. Beheading POTUS (Kathy Griffin)
  165. IRS knows illegal aliens using stolen SSN's but doesn't tell victims
  166. NY mayor skips funeral/graduation for officers to join g20 thugs..
  167. The Redneck Revolt
  168. Trump once again fails on his promises
  169. Should a law exist if it's never enforced??
  170. Ancestory and other genealogy sites used by cops??
  171. Govt. Shutdown
  172. Trump Administration: 2 year SITREP
  173. Wall funding