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  2. Proper Liberty Attire for ALL Marines?
  3. US Marine Corps an Orgy Palace of Stoned, Drunk, Horny Teens, New UCSF Study Suggests
  4. Ooh-rah
  5. Intelligence MOS?
  6. War-zone Marines eating like cavemen
  7. Transgender troops
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  9. Defense secretary
  10. Sign of things to come? "Marines halt new enrollments in tuition assistance programs"
  11. MoH fight
  12. Afghanistan drawdown
  13. Toppling Hussein
  14. Sequestration pain
  15. Commander clemency
  16. Tuition assistance
  17. 60mm mortar banned... right? Wrong?
  18. TSA calls Marine a liar
  19. Nominate the 2013 Marine of the Year Today!
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  21. Females Fail again
  22. F'ing Posers
  23. Marine drops blouse and trousers for the camera
  24. Iraq WHAT medal?
  25. In reply to the WO budget suggestions
  26. LAV-AT woes
  27. F'N WOOK
  28. Retired Marine Gen. Cartwright investigated in cyber leaks probe
  29. Female Marine Blues
  30. Syria Strategy
  31. The Marine E-5
  32. WTF is going on?
  33. Lt. Gen. Thomas Waldhauser
  34. Looking for your next civilian position outside of the [Marine Corps] Air Force??
  35. Coming Back
  36. Marines honor equine comrade from Korean War
  37. Infantrymen
  38. Cloudy water at Camp Lejeune
  39. Women take on ITB
  40. Reversible Cammies
  41. Quote about combat death in relation to cleanliness of a Marines room.
  42. New Cover
  43. New Marinenet Sgt Course tighens the noose
  44. Failed to deliver
  45. Happy Birthday Marines
  46. what was it like to be a marine flight instructor during WWII
  47. Only accusations, but families have the right to know
  48. SgtMaj Archie takes over Parris Island
  49. Battle Cry for the other services
  50. Marine to be awarded Medal of Honor
  51. Another Faker?
  52. Happy Birthday Marines
  53. Put the “Reawakening” to Sleep – Falling short of a standard
  54. Embassy security told to leave guns behind???1
  55. Cpl Carpenter (Ret) to Marjah Veterans: "It's your medal"
  56. Task Force Violent
  57. New Navy-Marine working group will unleash the F-35's full power
  58. The SECNAV criticizes Marines' infantry study on women
  59. Afgani Pedophillia, and the US Marines..
  60. DOD Warns Troops of Possible Gov't Shutdown
  61. Marine Corps Times: Marine four-star takes over military's top job
  62. Gen John Kelly to Retire
  63. Marine found guilty of homicide in the Philippines
  64. Ladyboy killer
  65. SecNav now calling for coed training at bootcamp
  66. New 12-week maternity policy for all services means big cut for Navy, Marines
  67. Senators scold Mabus for causing drama with Marine Corps
  68. I think that Sandsjames could become a contractor in Iraq!
  69. LeJeune Marine's PT Death Leads to New Safety Measures
  70. Lasers for land, air, and sea (space?), very soon.
  71. US Marines To Accept Chubbier Women
  72. They Leaned In and Stood Their Ground
  73. Camp Lejeune Water
  74. MSgt Aaron Torian, KIA 15 Feb 2014
  75. Nude Photo Scandal
  76. Happy 0321 Day!