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  1. Community Guidelines
  2. Flight Engineer retraining
  3. Retraining
  4. Imagery Analysis Retrain
  5. "Unwritten" Rules
  6. Sensor Operator Retraining (1U0X1)
  7. Rangers In Other Branches
  8. New 17D Communication AFSC Transformation
  9. How about weird rules?
  10. Airmen today
  11. Top enlisted to-do
  12. AFSOC airman arrested for Florida murders
  13. Missile Crew Discharged After Falling Asleep
  14. Fix EPR's---Now
  15. Giving us our time back
  16. Best Things About The Air Force
  17. BTZ system is flawed...
  18. Looking For Info on Travis AFB& KC-10 FE's
  19. When did it become cool to brag?
  20. EPR raters told to look at how they give scores
  21. AF Officers - Looking out for #1!!!
  22. Harrassing Smokers
  23. Yet another Minot CC bites the dust . . .
  24. Seriosly, why arent beards allowed..and dont give me that gasmask BS
  25. Why the hatred towards officers?
  26. Extension..Retrain..Re-Enlist = How much SRB?
  27. Inspections
  28. ORIs get tougher, and more frequent
  29. Air Force General Charged With DUI Gets SWEET DEAL In Civilian Court---DISGUSTING!
  30. Decorations pending question
  31. How do personnelists get away with it?
  32. 1C3X1 Retraining ( command post )
  33. 2010 best & worst AF bases
  34. Should blacks/whites/asians/hispanics have diffrent PT standards? Not being racist
  35. AFPC reviving nuclear mission; what a joke!
  37. EPR Extensions for PT and XXX
  38. Officer Accountability
  39. Shrike, Bruwin, Tak, other assorted SNCO types, need some advice here
  40. Buying a home
  41. USAF Academy Tours
  42. Air Force to cut 22 general officer jobs
  43. Retirement Changes (Maybe REDUX isn't a bad choice now)
  44. Any Truth In This?
  45. bonehead pt move
  46. Air Force Couple Arrested
  47. I think everyone should PT Test once a month, a year is just too long
  48. Retirement Certificate
  49. love medical benefits
  50. Recovering from an EPR with no SRE
  51. PCSing to RAF Lakenheath,Mildenhall, or Feltwell?
  52. Best places you've been in
  53. Crazy Spouse stories...
  54. Supervisor's Beware of new PCS Sexual Assault Policy
  55. No course 14, no CCAF = Forced retirement
  56. Half-staffing the flag for Whitney Houston
  57. Pirinçlik, AS or “The Duck”
  58. When is it okay to get hurt?
  59. Strat
  60. Rutgers gets $2.4M to study military suicides
  61. GOD D@MN MINOT AFB!!! No barber shop open on weekend within a 30 mile radius!!!
  62. Where in the world is ChiefB?
  63. Clark AB Re-Opening?
  64. Lackland TI scandal nets TSgt and MSgt; the tail spin continues
  65. Gas prices
  66. your gonna die tonight
  67. CCAF, Course 14 required for MSM?
  68. Majcom and unit patches
  69. DOS Rollback
  70. Air Force Widening Sex Scandal at Lackland
  71. Lady Gaga takes a dump
  72. Is FLAPS a good officer?
  73. Most SRB's Gone
  74. The PAUSE that is killing the enlisted force.
  75. Way to go NAVY!!!!
  76. The new Airman's Creed
  77. The most disliked AFSC in the USAF
  78. What have christian countries done to better the world in the last 1000 years?
  79. Gay Man Nominated for USAF Undersecretary
  80. Retirement Eligible But Staying In
  81. Post a lie about the poster above you
  82. Would you have forced Americans into concentration camps at gunpoint in the 1940s?
  83. CCAF
  84. Takin' a Breather from AFT
  85. What's the state of the Air Force?
  86. UDM
  87. Opinions on a medical / PT related situation
  88. Happy New Year!
  90. The F-35 must be the miracle jet!
  91. What Next From The Worthless DC Denizens?
  92. Air Force Club Membership
  93. Iran's New Qaher 313 Stealth Fighter
  94. Next Overseas Equal
  95. SNCOA Discriminators
  96. Tuition Assistance & The Budget
  97. Things that can be cut NOW with no affect on mission and save billions
  98. AF SMSgt gets DUI, adds to troops misbehaving in Japan
  99. Somebody please tell me this is a joke
  100. Air Force Services
  101. So, what all bases have closed since the early 1990's?
  102. High ranking enlisted and officers having Facebook accounts
  103. How come I don't get emails anymore when a topic I am following recieves a post?
  104. Furlough fever epidemic.
  105. Chief Cody spoke to a group of enlisted folks at MacDill today
  106. Shaken's Question of the Day
  107. Longest Terminal Leave?
  108. What is a "leader" to you?
  109. Do you know one of these?
  110. Toughest Troop?
  111. “7 things that must be at the top of Hagel's 'to do' list”
  112. Sex Charges Dropped; Aviano IG freed from Brig
  113. The new food service and dining hall plans at some Air Force bases
  114. Finally a PCS.
  115. Recovering from a Referral "4"
  116. Compliance
  117. Today is the big test!
  118. 35th Comm Sqaudron Misawa Japan ---Please Identify This Tech Sergeant In Your Unit!
  119. Brass...
  120. If $1 is spent on frivolous end of year spending...
  121. Another Shot at the Open Letter to a CMSAF?
  122. Sequestration Air Show
  123. No More Tuition Assistance?
  124. SERE the gender neutral standard?
  125. Has any base cut off the cable yet?
  126. Osan AFB
  127. What We Should Learn From the Filibuster - Killing Amerians in America
  128. Your thoughts about this general?
  129. Prettier or uglier?
  130. Let's be honest, you want me, you all want me
  131. Validation of General Slots
  132. Thanks for playing...
  133. Unit Spending $1,000 on Award Plaques but we are sending civilians home
  134. Another well deserved Bronze Star?
  135. Latest AF Guidance on the Sequester
  136. Tuition Assistance suspended...medical benefits next?
  137. Get rid of TA or close Gyms, leadership choose TA, shows you whats more important
  138. Are PCSs going to get suspended/cancelled?
  139. Controversy spurs Pentagon's Hagel to review new 'Nintendo' medal
  140. Kunsan: one happy family?
  141. New assignment--- Hill AFB
  142. Elmendorf, One Happy Family?
  143. The Tuition Asssitance Posts
  144. When did being in the USAF become "just a job"?
  145. Air Force $3+million study on Minute Man III Subway system $52 billion total cost....
  146. No Club Membership, No Club Retirement Ceremony
  147. Public School Victims
  148. Anybody here serve in Afghanistan outside of Bagram or Qandahar?
  149. Anybody here serve in Afghanistan outside of Bagram or Qandahar?
  150. Just Another Weekend in the ROK
  151. Military Medical Mix Up Leads to Organ Harvest Gone Bad.
  152. Question for full-time Demo/Band/any performance team members
  153. GI Bill Transfer
  154. I Smell PTGod's Hand in This...
  155. Possible Compromise of Personnaly Identifying Information (PII)
  156. Can We Even Afford Another War?
  157. Individual Issue Items
  158. I guess I am/was the only Services troop intelligent enough to come to this board!
  159. JD2780
  160. Wing CC gets fired becuase of PT Test!
  161. Agencies failed to prepare for sequester cuts, hearing reveals
  162. CMSAF Cody Coming. What questions should we ask him?
  163. on base gas station solicitors.
  164. Congress reinstates TA
  165. Bystander Intervention Training Again and Again and Again...
  166. Nominate the 2013 Airman of the Year Today!
  167. While We Struggle to Keep Planes in the Air...
  168. Wait a minute...Wait a minute...
  169. Is AAFES losing business?
  170. Who I would nominate for Airman of the year
  171. Medical Corps too big?
  172. Civilian Airmen?
  173. History on EPR point system?
  174. The needs of the Air Force...
  175. Civilian Airmen Threa Only
  176. Air Force Warrant Officer Program
  177. TDY Hotels
  178. Sukhoi 50 Russian All Mission Stealth Aircraft
  179. When we these guys ever....
  180. Air Force Dumb
  181. RED-FLAG AK cancelled
  182. Pentagon Cuts Number Of Furlough Days - 28MAR Early Bird
  183. Is it okay to laugh...
  184. Open Honest Feedback
  185. The law passed...is TA back yet?
  186. Liberals Celebrate Ruthless Dictator on Easter
  187. Anybody Care to Hazard a Guess as to WHY (beyond the obvious Public Relations angle)
  188. F-22 to South Korea
  189. F-16 move from Eielson to JBER
  190. AF To Ban Coffee
  191. The Enlisted Perspective: The Enlisted Evaluation System
  192. So 'whats new'?
  193. Please Note
  194. Business Class
  195. Hagel Calling Out the Generals
  196. 40 More Days
  197. AFSC Stereotypes
  198. Military drivers
  199. "I love me" wall
  200. Airmen slathering themselves in hemorrhoid cream
  201. Unionized disgruntlement melodrama at Joint Base McGuire-Dix-Lakehurst
  202. Can Hagel Handle The Job?
  203. Active Denial System (ADS)
  204. When is enough actually enough?
  205. Hemroid cream wraps is illegal so you all best cut it out!!Here is more thats illegal
  207. R.I.P. CMSgt Suzette Cherry
  208. Wanted: 3 genuine or gag base wide “extra duties” to maximize use of grounded flyers
  209. Reduced flying hours forces grounding of 17 USAF combat air squadrons - AF Times
  210. Looks like no more reputation any more.
  211. MEB/Fitness For Duty Determination
  212. East Asian Security Crisis! Is This A Golden Oppurtunity?
  213. TriCare increases proposed by President Obama
  214. So why no WWII Air Force Miniseries?
  215. F-15E Strike Eagle Turns 25
  216. Is it just me...
  217. How long does preperation H wraps results last? and is it legal?
  218. Body wrap in place, PT test is tomorrow afternoon at 1. Ex lax time!!
  219. GS Civilians Will Win The War With North Korea!!!
  220. Overseas Returnee/Mandatory Mover
  221. Changing your legal residence or HOR.
  222. This Forum is Officially Jacked
  223. United States Declare War on the Sun
  224. Chief Cody: TA could have kept 2 squadrons flying
  225. Airwoman?
  226. < One Month Left!
  227. For those who repeatedly fail their PT test
  228. The perfect enlisted Air Force
  229. Moral Patches....love'em or leave'em?
  230. Drone medal dumped; high-tech troops to be honored with device
  231. Family remembers pilot killed in F-16 crash
  232. Pigs Fly And Man Bites Dog----Female USAF MTI Charged At Lackland
  233. Boston Attacked
  234. Is the Virtual MPF not totally up?
  235. PCS Question
  236. Who says we are broke...we are buying more billion dollar paperweights...
  237. Every Dollar Counts Initiative...another program
  238. So you remember that demotion I got a while back
  239. Orders RIP while on leave.
  240. MEB
  241. Reserve command chief resigns
  242. Tried the water diet that I saw someone post on here, it actually works
  243. Just Once, Please
  244. Airmen apply Icy Hot to their genitals
  245. Two short tour assignments in a row
  246. Air Force screws its civilians
  247. How Stupid?
  248. Army Removes Bible Reference from Scopes
  249. 20 Days Left!
  250. Confusion In Washington DC ?