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  1. Opinion: In Mustache March, I lose
  2. New SMSgt's
  3. Article......IG: Academy informant's expulsion not tied to work with OSI
  4. From SMSgt to CMSgt
  5. Removing PIF Paperwork
  6. EPR Acronyms
  7. Black Thursday
  8. Does the punishment fit the crime?
  9. Scott AFB airmen to mop, vacuum own buildings to cut costs
  10. RIF Suggestion
  11. Does sanctuary status save you from MEB?
  12. Integrity question
  13. Letter: Why I won't re-enlist
  15. Drone ‘Stigma’ Means ‘Less Skilled’ Pilots at Controls of Deadly Robots
  16. Extension question....freaking out
  17. Short tour to Turkey
  18. That time of year again, time to PCS.
  19. Ricochet Rabbit is moving up again
  20. Phillipines rotations expanded
  21. Air Force vs. Civilian World
  22. 14e6
  23. 2014 E-7 release
  24. 3-year Family Breaks
  25. WAPS Test Study Techniques
  26. Update and nearing the end
  27. What if you don't consent to a search?
  28. An idea just crazy enough to work?
  29. Cupcake & Barney Hug Culture
  30. Air Force Nuke Security Failed Test
  31. Ccaf pmc
  32. 80 Year Old Aircraft
  33. Nuclear Deterrence Operations Service Medal
  34. Survey shows Lackland MTIs 'scared to train'
  35. AF Times: US Deploys B-52s to Europe
  36. Facing MEB - Advice
  37. New Feedback Forms Available
  38. New VA scheduling?
  39. Do I have to utilize my first sergeant for anything?
  40. Show your "Pride" 5K. PT and Gay pride! It just doesn't get any more AF than this
  41. What's this I hear about "harder to get a 5 on an EPR now"?
  42. Air Force IR/IMA's Cutting IDT's from 48 to 24
  43. 7AF/CC Bans Alcohol
  44. Short Tour Leave Policy
  45. Enlistment age limit raised to 39
  46. BOP's Cancelled-- Tours extended by 12 months
  47. Babysitting at it's finest
  48. New PT Solution. Is this guy ate up or what?
  49. Course 15
  50. FY15 quotas released/NCORP?
  51. Wonder how ChiefB is doing.
  52. Lt. Gen. Lori Robinson Nominated for Pacific Air Forces Commander
  53. Base Rankings
  54. Little Rock AFB on Lockdown...22 July
  55. Korea Madness
  56. Surviving the Cut
  57. Seen It Coming, Now It's Here. Thoughts?
  58. Supervising someone but not being their rater
  59. Prescribed adderall
  60. Be Aware Your Duty Position Matters
  61. Is this playing the leave system?
  62. My first new EPR argument already...
  63. New EPR Close out dates
  64. Move family back home while on Short Tour
  65. Trademark/Copyrighted words on EPRs
  66. Animals in government buildings
  67. AF Special Duty Ribbon
  68. DD214 issues
  69. Disappearing Healthcare Bennies for Force-Shaping Participants
  70. Is there going to be another round of TERA/VSP in FY2015?
  71. Effects of Draw Down
  72. 2006 civilian conviction taking this E9 down?
  73. New AF promotion system
  74. The new sensation
  75. Tuition assistance
  76. CMSgt (14E9) Promotion Statistics
  77. Washington Post Article on Minot Support Services
  78. Thoughts?
  79. Fair or Foul?
  80. WAPS testing
  81. Leave Means "Leave Me Alone"
  82. Offutt WX MSgt killed in accident
  83. What are the rules on PCS-ing overseas while pregnant?
  84. Spangdahlem wing commanders sacked
  85. Base Closures in UK
  86. MEB - Follow-up thread
  87. Retirement advice.....GO.
  88. On the Subject of Retiring
  89. General: Praising the A-10 to Lawmakers is ‘Treason’
  90. Does Morale Matter Anymore?
  91. Lots of Generals at Minot - good thing?
  92. PT Block Coming off the EPR
  93. EPR Rating Change Rumor
  94. Air Force Plans for Life After the A-10
  95. One-star to take case for promotion to Supreme Court
  96. PCS to al Dhafra
  97. Sen McCain calls for USAF HQ Layoffs
  98. Two-star fired for 'treason' rant against A-10 supporters
  99. MEB, final appeal question
  100. MSgt Rant
  101. Racist Remark Ends Two Star's Career
  102. Nickname for the Anti-G Straining Manuever
  103. TSgt promotion release delayed to allow system validation
  104. With a situation like this, is it even worth trying to commission??
  105. Kilts in Uniform
  106. TSgt fled court martial, started bucket list then caught in Reno
  107. Drunk Marine releases fire suppression system in Kadena hangar
  108. One injured after shots fired outside Little Rock Air Force Base
  109. No ACC Family Day for 4th of July
  110. Quality of Life Question
  111. AFBCMR paid off
  112. Anybody ever use E-Learning?
  113. Spencer: Cyberbullying of sexual assault victims must end
  114. Ammo Troop Calls it Quits at 14 Years (viral letter)
  115. New EPR
  116. 31 MDG congratulates breastfeeding mothers
  117. Kelly: Volunteering won't serve as promotion tiebreaker
  118. SSgt Spencer Stone
  119. Rickenbacker Air natl guard base.. Does it have a PX/Commissary??
  120. AF Fitness standards backfire
  121. Questions over Purple Heart claim derail OTS commissioning
  122. F35 Helmet is too heavy
  123. Air Force Academy cadet sentenced for supplying drugs to other cadets
  124. Never Go Full Retard
  125. Air Force to Triple Maternity Leave to 18 Weeks, Top Civilian Says
  126. An LOC for making a joke about SSgt Stone
  127. AF introduces enlisted Global Hawk pilots
  128. Air Force cancels Tops in Blue's 2016 tour pending review
  129. Laughlin Pilots to Get Wings Back, Drug Reprimands to be Rescinded
  130. Course 14 and testing for SMSgt
  131. AF Reminds Commanders: Authorized Conceal-Carry, Open-Carry OK on Base
  132. Good News for the A-10
  133. Morale Shirts
  134. Al Udeid, the good the bad and the ugly
  135. EFDP Process?
  136. 2-star general puts wasteful 'queep' duties in crosshairs
  137. Cody: 'Veiled promotion statements' are off-limits in new EPRs
  138. Legendary military columnist, author Bob Dorr dies at 76
  139. Enforced Godlessness
  140. So, WTF is going on Turkey?
  141. Splitting Your Pay While Deployed?
  142. Air Force lands on spot to build 4-star hotel in Utah
  143. 4 pilots on restricted duty after low pass over stadium
  144. Retired General Accused of Sexual Assault
  145. Air Force Colonel Eugene Caughey, charged with rape, found dead at home
  146. Air Force aims to improve diversity of pilots, other key positions
  147. Female hair standards
  148. Is Uniformity Needed for All in Uniform?
  149. At least 59 airmen wrongly failed fitness test due to mismeasured tracks
  150. A feel good story on this Friday
  151. R.I.P. Jeffrey Wayne Bray
  152. Senior Air Force member charged in death of teen
  153. Engine Falls off B-52
  154. Air Force loosens tattoo rules, recruiting restrictions
  155. BYU USAF ROTC may move over coffee
  156. Retired 4-star demoted after sexual assault investigation
  157. Devastating Budget Cuts
  158. Rape overturned, due to jury stacking..
  159. Racial Slurs at AFA
  160. Sock Puppet Reenlistment
  161. Holy Crap.... I forgot all about AFT.
  162. Air Force squadron commander reportedly relieved from duty over penis drawings
  163. Air Force fires three Laughlin AFB commanders over 'chronic leadership failures'
  164. Two active shooter drills on an Air Force base. A real injured jogger. That's where t
  165. Arctic "A" Device
  166. Air Force does away with promotion test for senior NCOs
  167. Reserve Participation
  168. Two-star fired from running top secret program office; under multiple IG investigatio