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  1. "Doc" Foglesong
  2. More Furloughs Coming Your Way
  3. So freakin mad
  4. Colonel John F. O'Grady POW/MIA
  5. Travis AFB Phase2 Dorm question- Room mate?
  6. PT Has Gone Too Far
  7. Iron Airman Challenge
  8. Air Force Portal and Sexual Assault
  9. Vectoring for E-8
  11. Another MTI off to trial
  12. Vot Bars Pentagon from Providing Enlistement Waivers to Rapists
  13. I'm being visually harrassed by Gen. Spencers SAPR message
  14. Awards and Decs
  15. No more redundant inspections
  16. Uh, Oh.....Another sex assault case makes the national headlines!
  17. FY14 Enlisted Temporary Early Retirement Authority (TERA) program (E-6s/E7s)
  18. Haircuts
  19. JBER: Chaplain Ordered to Remove Religious Essay From Military Website
  20. 13E5
  21. Ridiculousness
  22. Check Your Stats
  23. EPRs & Shirt Duty Changes
  24. "I'd Have a Beer With Him"
  25. Col. 'Bud' Day, Medal of Honor recipient, dies at 88
  26. Machiavellianism and Doc Fogelsong
  27. Walk Test Change Rumors
  28. Advice to new Airmen
  29. Who is worse off with the rating?
  30. Beating a dead horse
  31. Single parents are now allowed to enlist?
  32. MTI cleared of all charges
  33. Maternity Leave
  34. Congrats to all the new SSgt Selects
  35. Non-concur EPR
  36. Sheppard Amn found guilty of involuntary manslaughter in death of base civ employee
  37. Air Force fights back with Waist measurement stats
  38. So about that inappropriate material inspection ...
  39. What If?
  40. USAF Sexual Assaults Linked to Climate Change
  41. IPCOTS and decs
  42. Base housing
  43. BOP to McGuire
  44. Getting pinched with an MEB...worried sick now.
  45. Kadena helicopter crashes at Okinawa training area
  46. Kadena helicopter crashes at Okinawa training area
  47. Getting Slapped
  48. Dependent's Visa about to expire
  49. Question of the day
  50. Career Path Change
  51. 1.2 million Airmen in the Air Force since mid 2010?
  52. Correcting people when there is nothing to correct
  53. Course 14 version 6
  54. Mandatory Fun
  55. Mandatory Fun
  56. Accused Air Force doctor speaks out
  57. Leadership: How and When to use email effectively
  58. Biggest pet peeve as a supervisor or a troop
  59. Paperwork
  60. Rebuttals to paperwork
  61. IG Inspection Rules of Engagement
  62. Another Wing Bites The Dust
  63. Unit CC bad decision
  64. New divorcee in the shop
  65. changes coming to the promotion system?
  66. MSgt Promotion Board
  67. Combat Dining In Stories
  68. New AF Times Cartoon...offensive?
  69. Looking for your next civilian position outside of the Air Force??
  70. Yay! We get to do course 14 a second time now!
  71. Love the hat
  72. BMT First Sergeant removed for having different views on gay marriage than CC
  73. Dependent Med issue and Overseas Assginment
  74. Air Force reviewing booking policy after complaints about comedian
  75. Things that should go away...
  76. Mental Snapshots of the USAF
  77. Mind = Blown
  78. B-1 crash in Montana
  79. CLOSED FOR TRAINING or some other bogus reason
  80. Air Force Study Finds a Gun Makes a Man Appear Taller
  81. Apply For Free, Online CCAF-credit Culture Courses Starting 19 Sep
  82. Grossest Air Force Shop/Office Issues
  83. I need your help
  84. Why so many AF threads?
  85. Image, fitness and EPRs
  86. The U.S. Air Force Can't Find Enough Drone Pilots
  87. Worst Air Force Meeting Cliches
  88. Air Force TA for FY14
  89. Christmas/Holiday Cancelled?
  90. October = No Volunteer Month.
  91. AF Enlisted Heritage & History
  92. Any of you ever do a remote tour in Alaksa?
  93. Time frame on presenting demotion paperwork
  94. Juicy bars: Air Force puts squeeze on businesses linked to human trafficking
  95. Medical, PT, and Air Force records
  96. CCAF Transcripts
  97. Tops in Boo-Hoo-Hoo...
  98. Does the Air Force have anything similar to the SWO pin?
  99. Auto Skills Closing
  100. Considering a BOP to Malmstrom...
  101. ID card proccess
  102. EPR Changes
  103. What to do about EPRs, its so obvious, nobody thought of it
  104. Do you study when its mathematically impossible to make it?
  105. KC-10s
  106. Come on AF... "You're KILLIN' me Smalls"
  107. Ok MEB, I tested all components-Come at me, bro. Now about promoting-I don't wanna
  108. Most Dysfunctional Squadron/Career Field?
  109. Roll Call??
  110. Base Residents Spoiled
  111. AF Publishes List of Sexual Assault Convictions
  112. Why is being medically boarded/retired a bad thing?
  113. ADSC Waivers and retirement
  114. What exactly is the duties of LRS or Logistics personnel?
  115. Enlisted, Air Force, and PhD Programs
  116. Seriously?
  117. I just threw up in my mouth a little
  118. So what is basic training for again? BMT transition program
  119. What is the point of an EPR? Why do we need them? Do they serve any purpose?
  120. Air Force Basic Training compared to the other branches
  121. Will Govt Shutdown affect PCS/TDY/Training/PME ect?
  122. Over the top or WTH?
  123. No pay on the 15th???
  124. Are Airmen really asking for more sexual assault prevention training?
  125. 2-Star "fired"
  126. Why are officers the shame of the Air Force?
  127. Micro Air Vehicles (MAVs)
  128. 21 AF/ANG members facing crimminal charges
  129. We AFSO21'd AFSO21
  130. Nuclear Mission Continues to slide
  131. Not confirmed yet: Shaw AFB, Sexual Misconduct
  132. A-10 cuts would save $3.5 billion
  133. Lipservice
  134. Walkthrough from a General
  135. Piss testing
  136. DSD Program
  137. New C-27s Fly Straight to the Boneyard
  138. On base events getting out of hand...
  139. SR-72 Hypersonic Drone
  140. Only Made It To Page Six
  141. COMSEC...SMH!
  142. Airmen and phones
  143. Remember the A76 and Command Leveling that took place 1999-2000 at AETC bases?
  144. Doolittle Raiders Final Toast
  145. Disappearing threads
  146. Sports equipment for deployers
  147. AFT, "Firing A Gun May Harm Your Lungs"
  148. Last PT test?
  149. ...and Sheena was man.
  150. leaving 2AXXX
  151. New Chiefs
  152. Air Force to scrutinize nuclear leader candidates
  153. 22 to museum?
  155. Is the Chief position respectable?
  156. Aircraft maintenance forms binders help
  157. SMSgt Board Question
  158. Why 12-hour shifts?
  160. Nominee for Secretary of the Air Force
  161. Aircraft Mx
  162. Article In Air Force Times Causes A Doubletake
  163. How do you deal with people like this?
  164. AF drops bonueses for 46 career fields. Gives 8 days instead of 30 to grab bonus
  165. Validation
  166. 2014 E5 & E6 WAPS Testing
  167. E-7 Boards Set To Begin in FY 15
  168. Your wing Top III (do they make a difference)?
  169. Thoughts on this ???
  170. TIG Requirement for medals
  171. Welp, better get your resumes ready!
  172. Air Force Band
  173. Resiliency Survey
  174. Airshows back on next year?
  175. New promotion testing?
  176. Why I did/didn't make SMSgt....
  177. The EPR issue is fixed
  178. Force management truth or rumor?
  179. Drinking the Kool Aid
  180. When I Retired In 1981
  181. Ryan ridicules military retirement.
  182. Official list of AFCS/grades eligble for VSP
  183. Official notice of EPR/PFW changes 1 Jan 14
  184. How the heck to you write a bullet about this???
  185. Money well spent!
  186. Snub to the New Secretary of the Air Force?
  187. The Crusty Air Force NCO
  188. MSgt-SMSgt Retention Board Notice
  189. cutting headquarters staff
  190. New EPR Forms - Basically the Same Products as Before
  191. Wright patterson, which access point for base decals?
  192. Not the AF I joined....thats for sure.
  193. Now that weed is legal in Colorado
  194. Question re: recoupment of education monies
  195. Will the VA office talk to you about disability %'s before you decide on TERA?
  196. Air Force Wood & The I Luv Me Wall
  197. Anybody been tagged by the Quality Force Review Board yet?
  198. Random question
  199. RAFL Helo Crash
  200. Enlisted Retention Boards...Almost ALL will Have to Meet...
  201. More Nuc Enterprise Shenanigans
  202. Consecutive BOPs
  203. Op-Ed: Morale is high in nuclear force
  204. Effects of Force Management Programs (PCS/Morale)
  205. Wing FY14 Rention Board Meeting
  206. A running report on WxJumper’s experience on applying for Early Retirement (TERA)
  207. Facebook Question
  208. Are many people in your unit talking about taking TERA/VSP?
  209. How is morale?
  210. What Going on at Offutt?
  211. New 36-2903
  212. Today in CHIEFchat
  213. VSP, ERB question
  214. Promotion rates during drawdown?
  215. 3 Airman killed in single car crash near Holloman AFB
  216. Big Blue may have overdid it
  217. Actual Numbers for Involuntary Programs
  218. Will a Med Board take precedence over TERA?
  219. Difficulty applying for a FY14 Force Management Program
  220. C27 gets new home
  221. OPSTEMPO during drawdown
  222. Op-Ed: Leadership an Morale in the Air Force
  223. Education Requirements for AAF
  224. AF Leadership
  225. Too Soft?
  226. AF Retirement
  227. "New" Course 14 EOC Test?
  228. Officer RIF?
  229. General Hostage Interview
  230. How is morale in your neck of the woods?
  231. Friday morale shirts
  232. Exempt from walk is auotmatic MEB
  233. New Air Force Portal
  234. CSB/Redux - Cola Cuts -
  235. Reclama
  236. Have an AWESOME weekend
  237. Air Force in the News Again
  238. 60 Minutes - F-35
  239. AFPC incompetence.
  240. FY14 E7
  241. Loss of Integrity: Deception On Rise in Air Force Drawdown
  242. When does SMSgt Results come out?
  243. Not enough maternity ABUs
  244. Bullet writing help...
  245. Uplifting Air Force Story
  246. Interesting blog regarding Air Force Climate
  247. Course 15/Admin Creep
  248. force management cliff notes from CMSAF All Call..
  249. AF Sacks two more officers... Wonder what happened THIS time?
  250. Global Strike Command