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  1. MED Criteria Help
  2. Government employment with the military becoming a thing of the past?
  3. MAJCOM Command Chief All Call
  4. Air Force/DoD related online courses
  5. F-35 to slow
  6. Lawmakers, aides may get Obamacare exemption
  7. Welcome to Air Force High
  8. Senator puts hold on Air Force officer's promotion
  9. Why even have court martials if a Col and above can just overturn the results?
  10. Reserved parking spots
  11. F-35 to slow
  12. Where did the forum icon go?
  13. How about that Vector CSAF?
  14. BYU
  15. OS Returnee Assignment Notifications
  16. New Titles...?
  17. Anyway out of volunteer assignment? I vol for OS base, now slots open where I am at
  18. Enlisted military ranks 3 in “5 Worst Jobs in America”
  19. How much math do you use in your AFSC?
  20. a poem for dzhokhar
  21. Virtual Thunderbird Website Launched
  22. 747 Crash
  23. School Refuses to let Airman Escort His Sister to Prom
  24. Another Deadly Crash...MC-12
  25. Do the best or the worst people end up doing 20+ years...think about it
  26. 10 Days Until...
  27. Don't Ask Don't Tell is Coming Back
  28. AFI regarding "offensive language" use.
  29. What's wrong with that picture?
  30. KC-135 Crash in Kyrgyzstan
  31. Breaking News!!
  32. Despite sequester, DOD signs contract for $59/gallon green jet fuel
  33. What the hell has gotten into many of today's TI"S?
  34. For those of you in 3708 1988-1990 and 321st ca. 2000-2004
  35. Combat ready?
  36. Teal Ribbons
  37. This guy needs a teal ribbon
  38. Air Force sex assault prevention chief charged in sex assault
  39. Advice to the military spouse
  40. RFD Correct? What Sequester?
  41. Obama chimes in
  42. Hold On, Here Comes the Sexual Harassment Backlash
  43. Air Force sidelines 17 ICBM launch officers; commander cites ‘rot’ within system
  44. Air Force reportedly strips 17 officers of power to launch Nukes..!?!
  45. Should I Stay or Should I Go?
  46. + OR - Class Post on Forum, Just the REAL Chicken$hit Cluckin'....
  47. With 10 patterns, U.S. military branches out on camouflage front
  48. SNCO Academy (SNCOA) Awards Program and the "eye test"
  49. Marines Get NJP for Facebook
  50. Pentagon scrubs 3D gun plans from Internet
  51. Wish I would have packed/prepared _________ on my last deployement
  52. The Vanishing NCO
  53. Fine Art of Suckng Up
  55. South Korean President sacks spokesman for 'unsavoury' act during trip to Washington
  56. IRS officials knew of agents’ tea party targeting in 2011
  57. Base Housing on main Lackland near BX/Commissary for those of you there 2007-present
  58. Any here from the 1980's and before stationed at remote radar sites in Alaska?
  59. Super Moderator
  60. False reports outpace sex assaults in the military
  61. Government run amok
  62. Medical Professionals (PCM's, Dr's, etc) Making False Statements in Medical Records
  63. Meal Card Entitlement
  64. 12 Hours to Go
  65. Leave Web 4.0. Lesson Learned
  66. Have you ever gotten in trouble for something and thought WTF?
  67. What was your first duty station? And what do you remember most about it?
  68. Air Force Amazing Race
  69. Q&A from a lesbian
  70. Q&A from a straight, white, 30 something male.
  71. SecAF approves captain's board cancellation
  72. DAAAANG - Now the Army's got a black eye too!
  73. Unit Coins
  74. Best leader you ever met
  75. Warrior Games
  76. Happy Birthday ChiefB
  77. Geo-bachelorhood sucks
  78. Odds of making OTS
  79. VA Claims
  80. Do you think CMSAF Cody will live up to his word?
  81. Powerball 475 Million – Dream come true or curse?
  82. Manning
  83. Driving your POV to a TDY Location
  84. What happened to the Benghazi thread?
  85. Back to Benghazi
  86. BREAKING: (You Just Can't Make this Stuff Up!!)
  87. Do As I Say, Not As I Do? Or...?
  88. AF JAG removes first names from their website.
  89. Ever seen or heard of a retirement ceremony for someone retiring as a SSgt?
  90. When is an AF fix not really a fix? UDM “Special Duty”
  91. Why in the heck doesn't the AF frock?
  93. Sexual Assualts
  94. How much power does a Chief really have?
  95. Anybody from Tinker?
  96. FY13 E7 Average Score
  97. FY13 E7 Average Score
  98. Worst training ever
  99. Retirement aka the reason you're in.
  100. Turning over a new leaf...
  101. Retirement OS vs CONUS
  102. Skills the AF No Longer Needs (or Doesn't Reward)
  103. Air Force Proselytizing Under the Guise of "Spiritual Health"
  104. OCONUS
  105. Vietnam POW's returning for 40 yr anniversary dinner.. Wonder why no PTSD?
  106. This is how one decision screws everything up
  107. Commission on AF structure to meet
  108. Props to Big Blue - Why I Love the Air Force
  109. Personal Attacks - Moderator Logic
  110. Have skill lvls gone the way of the do-do?
  111. Today is Memorial Day.
  112. A Pet Peeve With Talking Heads This Memorial Day
  113. Annual Health Assessment/No More Face to Face
  114. Improvement already
  115. F-4 diving on subdivision swimming pool 1969
  116. The pre-2007 EPR's
  117. Co-Workers you'd like to throat punch.....
  118. Furlough
  119. Filming a Porno is now a Crime
  120. Making a sex tape a crime for troops, court rules
  121. What keeps you motivated to study for promotion?
  122. Manpower Reclassing
  123. Gaming causes child abuse?
  124. Meanwhile in other news
  125. SMSgt selected for commission
  126. Changing the rules
  127. Patient Advocate
  128. Quotations from Chairman Norton A. Schwartz (AKA The Little Blue Book)
  129. Follow-on assignment after COT
  130. AF promotion monthly increments for June 2013?
  131. Just saw this on an AMS job posting ...
  132. "Doing Are Best With Less" (Inspired by 'CHIEF B')
  133. Misawa airman dies of boxing injuries
  134. Airman's Creed definitely on the outs
  135. Jon Stewart on Veterans Affairs
  136. So with this new Chief.......
  137. Closing Commissaries
  138. What has become of Air Force food service?
  139. Lockport AFS, Sembach AB, Chanute AFB, Clark AB, Luke AFB, Cannon AFB, Shaw AFB, etc
  140. Who makes the best supervisors, chiefs, and shirts?
  141. Air Force rules that should be changed
  142. Not married in the Air Force
  143. What Was Your Best Overseas Assignment?
  144. At-Risk Military Towns
  145. Bases You Where At That Are Now Closed
  146. What Bases Where You Were Assigned That Have Closed
  147. Who ties down the cargo?
  148. Babe Squads
  149. Funny Weapons Qualification Stories
  150. Goals for your younger troops
  151. "2000 thousand years ago; which came first? The Chicken or the EGG?"
  152. Rip-Stop ABUs (The only material available soon)
  153. 13E6 is gonna be friggin' brutal!
  154. Pardo's Push
  155. Great Ideas from the Every Dollar Counts Campaign
  156. Where have you been? What did you do?
  157. HASC votes in favor of common battle uniform for all Services
  158. Which came first, the Enlisted man or the Officer
  159. What next?
  160. This Is Absurd
  161. Do AF Colonels ever get drunk and not grope anyone?
  162. Sensor Operator gets PTSD???
  163. Is it time for the dorms to go away?
  164. Safety rules not followed in Hickam worker death
  165. Who is at fault for sexual assaults?
  166. New Air Force Basic Training Campus
  167. Bases you were surprised existed
  168. Retired Air Force Grooming Standards
  169. "The Second World War" - John Keegan
  170. Which came first the death of chain of command or indecisive NCOs?
  171. Stand down foe SAPR
  172. Chow Hall or Dining Facility?
  173. Could SAC Return in Today's Air Force
  174. ADLS/TFAT Nightmare
  175. Osan's In The News Again
  176. It Is About To Get Interesting
  177. So much for being an outstanding officer and family man...
  178. "Exec" Duties
  179. Even If You're Found Gulity of Sexual Assault You're Not REALLY Guilty
  180. Never been deployed?
  181. Air Force vs Marine retirement
  182. Motorcycle training
  183. What Are They Putting In The Military Drinking Water Lately?
  184. Kadena in the news again...
  185. Air Force aircraft and acquisition
  186. Active duty folks: Do you follow this AFI? If not, why not?
  187. AF Mentoring...Fact or Fiction
  188. Last C-17A to be delivered to Charleston in Sep
  189. Army Support Hooooah
  190. Filling Squares
  191. Mandatory Retraining Advisory
  192. Worst EPR/1206 Bullets: The Thread
  193. Best way to do...SAPR Training
  194. Kyrgyz government votes to end lease for Manas
  195. FED Waiver
  196. Sick and tired of volunteering, leave me the f*ck alone!
  197. Prospering Aviator Retention Pay is crass affront to all others!
  198. Does President Obama have the will...
  199. The acting SECAF has only got a Bachelors degree in History?
  200. The gender challenge: tough times--women to Airmen
  201. Things that irritate you since being in the military....about civilians
  202. New TSgts?
  203. "Wet-Lease Carriers" vs. Standard Carriers
  204. Academy Admissions Help
  205. Retirement
  206. Force turns to airmen for ideas on stopping sexual assault
  207. Records Review for MSgts
  208. Emergency Notification System
  209. Air Force vs. Army
  210. I did not make TSgt
  211. Freedom is not free
  212. Freedom is not free
  213. Motorcycle suspensions at Misawa
  214. Agree or Disagree?
  215. Positive General Officer Stories
  216. High School pep rally...er, Commanders Call
  217. Officially A Spouse
  218. Wait....Someone help me out here.
  219. Covering absent furloughed civilians with troops
  220. Congress looking at PCS cuts
  221. OSAN AB personal and shift workers being denied BAS
  222. Sooo what happened with the PT review?
  223. Furlough death....
  224. Leading Change - af.mil commentary
  225. Glad to see the AF no longer has a budget problem
  226. Re: Robert Dorr's article "Why no new AF Secretary?"
  227. "What the Hell where they thinking?"
  228. "Best" LOC/LOR You Ever Received
  229. Special Duty Pay, Hazard Duty Pay, Flight Pay, ect... might be a thing of the past???
  230. Question about closing the Commissary on Furlough days
  231. A day in the AF you will never forget
  232. You have to admit, everyone is in better shape, the days of Fat ass SNCOs are over!!
  233. Possible freeze on PCSs, military promotions
  234. outprocessing for deployment
  235. Airman Ironed His Chin (and other dumb things Amn do)
  236. Served at Reese AFB 1980 - 1988
  237. Our Commander in Chief has spoken...we should all honor Trayvon Martin
  238. HUGE changes to "developmental special duty" selection process!
  239. Calling parents....when the troop is a trouble maker.
  240. Does anyone else not want to supervise/be in same general location with a female?
  241. Hagel cutting DOD leaders budgets by 20%
  242. Study habits
  243. Ever get tired of caring about Airmen?
  244. We all know military medical can suck at times...
  245. SA and PCS
  246. Most blatant misuse of Airmen you have ever seen...
  247. Base promotion ceremonies
  248. Thoughts On This...
  249. "Since the 'AF' is Responsible' for 'MIA/KIA' Recovery this Thread should Not be ....
  250. Bazinga! (I told you so)