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  2. Navy Phrases That Make No Sense
  4. JP-5 from Saltwater?
  5. Tricare Prime - The End?
  6. MCPON’s message
  7. Blue Angels, Thunderbirds: take note
  8. F-35 failures
  9. Air wings grounded
  10. Obama commencement
  11. LCS home port
  12. Sailors want formula change for advancement
  13. Strike group stress
  14. Jobless vets
  15. Tuition-aid cuts
  16. Chaplain told victim rape ‘was God’s will’
  17. The Navy only made a mistake ONCE!!!!
  18. USS Ted Stevens? Are you nuts!?
  19. Pride and Patriotism ?
  20. Nominate the 2013 Sailor of the Year Today!
  21. Officers much happier than Enlisted members
  22. Air Force Colonel Relieved for Failing PT
  23. "Sextortion" Scam Alert
  24. USS STENNIS Group Commander Reprimanded
  25. Canceling deployments: Are there better ways the Navy can cut the budget?
  26. Top leaders sacked
  27. North Korea's threats
  28. 1957 chevy truck (once navy owned)
  29. Littoral Combat Ship Costing U.S. $37 Billion Lack Firepower, Navy Told
  30. Budget priorities
  31. 'Forum Maintenance'; Last chance to give 'em a 'wish list' (as if they'll read it)
  33. Hagel to surrender part of his salary in recognition of sequester
  34. Four fired for marooning minesweeper on ocean reef
  35. The CNO wants you to stay Navy.
  37. Officer admits faking death to end affair
  38. Navy revamps anti-alcohol campaign
  39. JCS chief wants service members to review COs
  40. Hospital Corpsman "C" Schools manning level?
  41. Inspection Ordered by DEFENSE
  42. Experts: Tape test has huge margin of error
  43. No More Base Stickers
  45. 3 Acadeny Midshipmen face Art 32 for rape
  46. CNO launches attack on Sailor busy work
  47. Navy Times Sailor of the Year
  48. Transparency in Courts-Martials
  49. Tell us: Is collective punishment the right way to handle liberty problems?
  50. Congratulations Chiefs!
  51. CPO sentenced for sexual assault
  52. MCPON orders chief-season standdown amid 'unprofessional behavior' reports
  53. Equator-crossing ceremonies
  54. Looking for your next civilian position outside of the [Navy] Air Force??
  55. Destroyer CMC Sacked After Grabbing Sailor By Uniform
  56. Official: DoD will 'aggressively' target military pay, troop levels
  57. An Open Letter to the FY2014 Chief Selectees.
  58. Congratulations Chiefs!
  59. Naval commander and NCIS agent arrested in multi-million $$ bribery schemes
  60. MASON engineering team keeps ship fueled to fight
  61. Training Boss: Forcing recruits to sing nursery rhymes is hazing!
  62. "STRATCOM Deputy Chief Investigated for 'Allegedly' using FAKE Gambling Chips."
  63. Rest In Peace Navy Tradition
  64. Drunken Ensign punches Disney employee in the face, beats another with a pipe
  65. Is there a name for this Navy Boot Camp cadence?
  66. Evals and awards
  67. The Prior Dilemma
  68. CPO 365
  69. Two admirals face probe in Navy bribery scheme
  70. 360-degree reviews may NEVER be part of the formal evaluation process
  71. Unisex uniforms will mean changes to covers and crackerjacks
  72. Fat Leonard fallout- Officers talk growing bribery scandal and "epic-parties"
  73. Navy Releases October Courts-Martial Verdicts
  74. The role of the Chief
  75. Possible Change to Tuition Assistance
  76. XO-CMC fired over toilet training
  77. Japan based amphib CMC relieved amid sex assault investigation
  78. Robert Hoffman: The Spy Who Struck Out
  79. RADM Tighe nominated as Commander C10F & FCC
  80. CMC of JEB Little Creek relieved
  81. CO of USS TAYLOR relieved
  82. Navy Commander Slain in Orange Park was-living a troubled life.
  84. Official: Mahan Sailor Shot Intruder
  85. Entitlement
  86. Watch Rotation Changes
  87. USNA Midshipman accused of assaulting cab driver with knife
  88. Former Blue Angels CO relieved
  89. Former STRATCOM DCOM NJP'd
  90. Stealth Subs Could Sink American Navy
  91. Recent CO / CMC reliefs
  92. Navy participation in the June 2014 Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Pride Mont
  93. Sailor under investigation for Facebook rape threat
  94. Navy to Congress: We can't guarantee a safe nuclear fleet
  95. ERB Lawsuit Dismissed
  96. COWPENS CO Report ...
  97. Destroyer Williams' commanding officer, CMC and former XO reassigned
  98. Chief season screwups: These 4 cases may have crossed the line
  99. Happy Birthday Navy
  100. VP's son Administratively Separated
  101. Transgender troops say they want to serve openly
  102. Report: Squadron CMC kissed and hit on his sailors
  103. Command At Sea Screening Process Flawed?
  104. Navy Senior Enlisted Academy Required for E9
  105. Report: Destroyer's command triad blamed for suicide, assaults
  106. 2014 CO, XO & CMC Reliefs
  107. Navy Bootcamp Mulls No Longer Shaving Recruits' Heads
  108. Fat Leonard / C7F Husbanding Scandal
  109. Navy Reserves is harder to join than Big Blue.
  110. Navy Recruiting Vid
  111. MCPON: Chief's Induction is NOT Tradition. New report debunks the myth
  112. Chaplain Fired for Being "Intolerant"
  113. Pacific Fleet Master Chief Relieved
  114. New Crackerjacks Move Ahead
  115. Navy to Wear Test New Female Officer Uniforms
  116. Fmr CO's Name Removed from CAPT List by SECNAV
  117. USNS Mercy Allides with the USS Arizona Memorial
  118. Female SCPO to convert to submarine rating
  119. POTUS On vessel, does name change?
  120. Sailors test flight suit for all hands, new coveralls
  121. CO fired from her command
  122. Iraq & Afgh Heroes Honored by Namesake Ships
  123. Another one bites the dust
  124. U.S. Navy rebukes Iran after propaganda video shows sailor crying
  125. MCPON 3 Laid to Rest
  126. Navy Officer Arrested on Espionage Charges
  127. ADM McRaven Editorial on Mil / Congress Relations
  128. LCDR Syneeda Penland
  129. US Navy Sailor Threatened With Jail After Refusing To Stand For National Anthem
  130. Navy scuttles traditional enlisted rating system
  131. Destroyer squadron boss fired after lying to investigators
  132. Master Chief Board (E9) Invalidated
  133. SeAL Chief Petty Officer Moonlighting as a Porn Star
  134. SECNAV Nomination
  135. Enlisted Dress Uniforms
  136. Circadian rhythm implementation
  137. MCPON 14 IG Investigation / Resignation
  138. Drunk sailor trespasses, gets naked, showers in couple’s home at 5 am, because Atsugi
  139. "Secret Base"
  140. Probe: MCPON Giordano ‘failed to exhibit exemplary conduct’
  141. Why the Navy's Best Recruits Might Be Former Sailors
  142. How the Navy Will Spot Advance Sailors Who Take the Tough Jobs
  143. Meet the Admiral Who Leads from a Wheelchair
  144. Officer accused of raping and stalking a fellow sailor
  145. Military service academies begin to follow transgender ban
  146. Sailor Suffers Self Inflicted Gunshot Wound
  147. Illicit drugs ruined this sailor’s career
  148. Navy cook booted for running with criminal motorcycle gang
  149. Did a Navy command retaliate against this junior sailor for reporting misconduct?
  150. What you don’t know about the Navy’s plans for a community college
  151. Prosecutors, NCIS investigator accused of ‘misconduct’ in war crimes case
  152. Bound for the brig? New detention facility fashion revealed!
  153. Navy Launches Safety Review After 2 Navy Recruits Die at Boot Camp Within 8 Weeks
  154. Iran Guard used drone to monitor US carrier Eisenhower in the Persian Gulf
  155. Naval Academy cans police chief
  156. ‘Something needs to change,’ says mom of baby girl who died at babysitter’s base home
  157. Meet the world’s friendliest escaped Russian spy whale
  158. Meet the Fort Meade trans women fighting the military’s ban
  159. Meet the Fort Meade trans women fighting the military’s ban
  160. Indonesia sinks 51 foreign boats to fight against poaching
  161. Does Uncle Sam Really Want You?