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  3. Another CSM with no combat patch
  4. What's your opinion of soldiers who've never deployed?
  5. Army announces switch to 9-month deployments
  6. Army Suicide Rate Hits New High
  7. Upcoming changes to AR 670-1
  8. CSM Teresa King sooooooooooooooo..........
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  11. Relief for Cause NCOER
  12. Why does Army Times not capitalize the word "Soldier"?
  13. Army getting rid of the ASU already?
  14. Good resources for military-to-civilian resume writing?
  15. I AM CALLING BS Gen Dempsey, on Gen Ham's Relief
  16. Army ramps up Pacific exercises, training
  17. What's going on with simple MOS training?!!
  18. Why can't I sign up for SSD-1?
  19. Red Army Beret Flash
  20. Why doesn't the Army complain about things on these boards as much as the Air Force?
  21. US Army Suspends Tuition Assistance.
  22. Nominate the 2013 Soldier of the Year Today!
  23. Our commander in Korea
  24. LTC Paula Broadwell & Petreus Double standards???
  25. Some O-5 at DLI is bucking REAL hard for O-6.
  26. 25th Jungle School
  27. Blue to green as a single parent
  28. So what happened to the dress uniforms?
  29. For the third time in history, three siblings enter same class at West Point
  30. New Army Physical Fitness Uniform (2013)
  31. Off Duty Education...important or not?
  32. SMA advocates changes to TA
  33. Female soldier asks Pink pretty pretty please to be her date
  34. Looking for your next civilian position outside of the [Army] Air Force??
  35. Bradley Manning says he wants to live as a woman
  36. Fort Bragg soldier, wife arrested for making porn with dogs
  37. Soldiers told new rules governing tattoos, grooming standards on the way
  38. Downrange together, learning to put marriage before duty
  39. Army memo: Soldiers to replace contractors for dining, security services
  40. I went onto a major military installation last week for the first time in 3 yrs.....
  41. Army Surveys - Junk Mail
  42. Army to discharge convicted sex offenders
  43. Don’t show “pretty” female soldiers, Army colonel says
  44. Another Army ribbon (perhaps DoD wide)
  45. We're losing the post library.
  46. No jail time: Sinclair reprimanded, fined $20K
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  48. Army selects scorpion
  49. Suicide victims
  50. Army cuts down on 'super-sized' chow portions
  51. Army Boot Debate
  52. Fake Ranger gets called out
  53. Atheist group gets sign outside recruitment office removed.
  54. Army Eases Ban on Transgendered Soldiers
  55. I have a question about Army Basic Training
  56. 8 Women & 184 Men Complete Ranger Assesment Phase
  57. SMA: Big Changes Coming to Best Warrior Competition
  58. 2 Women to Graduate from Ranger School
  59. Bergdahl and his plan to get attention
  60. First openly gay Chief of the army.. What's your thoughts?
  61. Maj Gen in charge of Berghdahl's investigation says Jail time not appropriate..
  62. Lawyer: Officer recommends no jail for Bergdahl
  63. Soldier in suicide bomber costume causes emergency response on Fort Bragg
  64. PTSD, VA, a veteran, and his dog
  65. Why Obama’s Army Isn’t Defeating Russia, China, ISIS
  66. 2 Army Soldiers Accused of Impersonating Police
  67. 3 Sikh soldiers file lawsuit to keep beards, turbans
  68. This is the U.S. military’s new medal for troops fighting ISIS
  69. Army allows 3 more Sikh soldiers to keep beards, turbans
  70. AIT platoon sergeants sound off on Army's drill sergeant plan
  71. The Army may be blowing up its entire body composition regulation
  72. Bergdahl to be court-martialed under new commander-in-chief
  73. First Sergeant requests to retire by telling CSM to “die a painful death”
  74. Swinging general slipped past security screeners
  75. Trump Nominates Vinny Viola as Secretary of the Army
  76. Army demotes former defense secretary's 3-star aide after scathing IG investigation
  77. LTG Hal Moore Passes Away
  78. Armor Question
  79. So What's the Deal?
  80. A strip tease: Army tells recruiters to stay away from erotic dance clubs
  81. How far can one jump?